Hello everyone,

Good to be back! Remember my last post HERE was my annual birthday sales and I will like to say a big thank you to everyone that brought Fabrics from us during the sales period.

So I had a photoshoot for the first time in my life *covers face* and it really feels good having cameras in my face šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚. So I might make this a regular thing for my birthdays because life is worth celebrating.

For my photo shoot, I used two Fabrics (lace and Ankara).

The multicolored guipure lace which is of high quality is sold out now and was 30,000 Naira for 5yards. I wanted a boubou style out of and my tailor did justice to that. I felt really good and free in the boubou.

The second Fabric is a multicolored Ankara Fabric which is still available in 2 color mix and it’s just 5,000 Naira for 6yards. I didn’t use the whole 6yards because I made a shift dress with wide sleeves (really love the style) and my kids made use of the remaining fabric.

Both Fabrics looked amazing on my skin tone ,my braids were styled and my makeup artist did beat my face that I couldn’t recognize myself Lol

Enough of my stories, let’s see the evidence in pictures:

What do you think about my pictures? And what’s your favorite outfit?

Share your thoughts in the comments section and send me birthday wishes. Yes it’s not too late šŸ˜ƒ

Wishing you a wonderful day ahead .




My Owanbe WeekendĀ 

Hello my beautiful readers, 

Over the weekend, my friend from way back invited me to a wedding party at classique events place Oregun and I was excited about it because my social life has been a bit dull as I’m always busy with business and family. But this is one friend I can’t say no to and I really enjoyed myself which is why I took some pictures for a post because most of the time I share with you style post of customers and stylish women that catch my fancy in order to inspire our African/traditional fashion  sense as well as different unique fabrics in stock for sale. And you don’t really get to see the face behind the brand so I think this is an opportunity to show my face. 

Enjoy the beautiful pictures of myself and my friends at my Owanbe :

Here I rocked my sequined guipure lace in orange and a deep orange asooke with gold neck piece
Makeup by @beeglamsbeautystudio I love my red lipstick
Smiley facešŸ˜Š
With my friend from way back that invited me to the parry Tope aka Amops
My gorgeous friend Tope aka Amope olowosibi (insidejoke)
My girls Tope, myself and Kemi aka Shak (insidejoke)
The Three Musketeers ā˜ŗļø
My #slayonce in a fringed champagne gold blouse with orange blinged asooke
Fringed champagne gold blouse with skirt and orange asooke šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘ŒšŸ‘Œ
Champagne gold tulle lace šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜
My complete look
Check out my gold purse and sandals #accessoriesonfleek

For the engagement party before the wedding I didn’t take much pictures but I got these ones that hubby took before I left the house. 

I wore a yellow organza lace with multicolored sego headtie plus silver accessories and pearl jewelry 

The three of us at the engagement party

So that’s about all of my laughter filled Owanbe Weekend. I hope to bring more posts like this in future whenever I have the opportunity to attend parties. 





My Fabulous people,

Guess what? Am back with the amazing asoebi diva series which is a monthly series used to showcase the personal style of a fashionista with a huge love for African fashion fabrics and prints in order to inspire us as we update our wardrobes.
I know a lot of people have missed this series since the last one which was in November last year and now its back with a bang!

Today, our asoebi diva for this month is a beautiful lady named ABIODUN KEHINDE APOOLA A.K.A BEEKAYLICIOUS
This stunning mother of two has a drop dead gorgeous body that makes her appear effortlessly stylish in most outfits.
She loves fashion fabrics especially lace fabrics which was one of the things that attracted me to her page on instagram.
She also knows how to combine colors that compliment her skin tone and make her stand out at all times.
The asooke fabric is also a major staple in her wardrobe as she steps out in her complete native attire with the head wrap as a true African queen.
Another striking feature of Mrs Abiodun is her super gorgeous eyes OMG! I love her eyes!

This diva is also a lover of unique accessories which she adorns herself with according to the occassion and outfit.

To cut my long story short, lets see the evidences in pictures as i present our asoebi diva for the month of April *cymbals clashing* The super sexy Beekaylicious:
















Did you notice her makeup is always at top notch?
Let me know what you think about her style in the comments section.

P.S: A very big thank you to Mrs Abiodun Apoola for allowing us feature her in this post.
Keep slaying stylishly Sis!




Hello everyone,

Today is the last day of the month of September but I will not let the month end without the monthly aso- ebi diva post.

The social media has turned the world into a small village connecting people together to become real -life friends, acquaintances and even couples! Yes lots of people meet on social media, fall in love and end up getting married in real life.

My aso-ebi diva today is a beautiful woman I met on social media! Instagram to be precise, married with two kids and she has amazing flair for African wears.

What attracted me to this woman was her sense of style. Itā€™s so astounding! She dresses so elegantly and makes sure she covers the appropriate parts.

She appears sexy in a non- provocative manner in all her outfits. As you all know aso-ebi diva is about showcasing a Fashionistaā€™s sense of style in African fabrics/native wears which our diva for this monthĀ wears a lot Ā and am going to display lots of beautiful pictures of Empress in different fabrics looking super gorgeous with her fascinating beauty.

One thing to also note about this stylish African woman is her flair for exquisite accessories, she uses beautiful accessories to complement her dressing at all times from gorgeous shoes to beads, gold jewelry, headgear , clutch/purses as well as designer’s sunglasses.

Her choice for exotic and unique fabrics also speaks volume on her fashion taste and love for African attires.

One thing that I will not forget to mention is her make-up, Oh my! I like the way she does her make up to nicely match her skin tone in a subtle manner. Less is indeed more.

Now I present to you our beautiful aso-ebi diva for the month of September, the beautiful and ever- stunning Asba Emami:

752607314507672455_310781481 762411411255535667_310781481 770278835317320427_310781481 780986386757396714_310781481 742054133998496509_310781481 781702921436211344_310781481 794352506402973824_310781481 796531609960917852_310781481 804413636290750839_310781481 691830523057089267_310781481 799394095546444259_310781481 Ā  763011043492833538_310781481 723036024750943155_310781481 679024119296502465_310781481 676184601182808199_310781481 674600391414328282_310781481

* Taking a bow* Hope her style has inspired you? let me know how you feel Ā about her sense of style in the comments box Also if you would like to feature as our Aso-ebiĀ diva or you know someone you want us to feature, kindly contact us or send us a Facebook message.

P.S: A very big thank you to Ms Asba EmamiĀ for allowing me to feature herĀ on here, looking forward to more outstanding styles from you!



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Hello all,

Am so happy to bring you another edition of the Aso-Ebi diva series once again.

The ā€˜Aso-Ebi divaā€™ series is a monthly series, where i pick a Fashionista/diva who is well involved in African fabrics/attires and show case their personal style for us all to explore.

Ā This month of August am featuring a very beautiful woman- KEHINDE BROWNEĀ !

Kehinde was my classmate in school (Unilag), and even as at then she had an amazing sense of style which makes her exudes so much grace in all attires.

This ebony black beauty has a model-like sexy body. You know those kind of people you refer to as

‘slim shady’,’ lepa toh badt’ lol

IĀ also noticed she has a huge flair for African fabrics/fashion which is why i just had to choose her for this post.

Kenny (she is a twin obviously), knows how to combine colors to match her ebony skin tone and makes black truly beautiful.

Her accessories are also always super gorgeous on all outfits; from exquisite necklaces to bracelets, rings, earrings etc.

Ā So, let me leave story and move on to the beautiful pictures of our elegant aso-ebi diva:

(cymbals clashing)

Kenny in white Guipure lace fabric and Red/white Aso-oke(Head gear). Absolutely Stunning!


Ms Ebony in Yellow Guipure lace iro and buba with Cobalt blue gele. Elegante!


See her dazzling in this sequined lace fabric and a silver gele.


Another red and black sequined lace fabric with white gele. #Show stopper!


She looks regal in this Ankara dress and orange gele. Super sexy lomo. lol
okay, so i really love this picture! I love the George fabric she used as skirt and wrapper, the way she matched the George fabric with Cobalt blue french lace and Fuchsia pink gele. Absolutely gorgeous………..
Kenny looks stunning in this Mono-strap Silk and Ankara dress.
This Ankara mix and match top is so chic on the denim pants. Did you notice those shoes *drooling*


*taking a bow yet again*

You can share your thoughts about her style in our comments box.

Please watch out for a special edition of aso-ebi diva seriesĀ in the month of September.

Also if you would like to feature as our Aso-ebiĀ diva or you know someone you want us to feature,

kindly contact us or send us a Facebook message.

P.S: A very big thank you to KennyĀ for allowing us to feature herĀ on here, keep on shinning Ms Ebony!





Hello lovelies, guess what? Our aso-ebi diva series is back and better.

And my post today will be about an amazing lady: Etiosa Ozigbo Esere

The first time i saw Etiosa was in 1999 during our diploma program in Unilag. She walked past me and i was like ‘ wow! Ā See oyinbo girl’

Etiosa’s skin is so smooth and flawless, she be original yellow pawpaw! Ā I tell you, you need to see her face to face to understand what am talking about.

Her eyes are super sexy and she’s got a gorgeous body.

I had to feature her on here as my aso-ebi diva for the month of June because she is so beautiful, and has a good sense of style especially when it comes to African fashion.

Her style expresses grace, elegance, class and sophistication in all ramifications.

This diva knows how to combine colors perfectly to match her skin tone Ā  and also choose her accessories wisely from gold to handmade jewelry to beads and so on.

Her makeup is also always at top notch, Etiosa knows how to apply her make up to enhance her beauty and not the other way round.

Above all, this lady is a hardworking business woman and the beautiful brain behind Ā Ā ā€˜sweet and spicy mealsā€

Sweet and spicy meals as the name implies offers good food at your doorstep and also offer catering services for corporate events and parties.

So for your weddings, birthday parties and corporate dinner, you can contact her for excellent catering services.

Now exhale and inhale as i present our super adorable aso -ebi diva for the month of June 2014:


eti 7
i love the gold and red combination. #fabulous


eti 1
she looks like a doll here! see those eyes……………


silver and green.
Too Gorg!
Beauty in burgundy
eti 2
All white combination. Her neck piece is slaying……


eti 3


And this is sweet and spicy offering dynamic services




*taking a bow*

You can share your thoughts about her style in our comments box.

Please watch out for our next diva in the month of July. Also if you would like to feature as our Aso-ebiĀ diva or you know someone you want us to feature kindly contact us or send us a Facebook message.

P.S: A very big thank you to Etiosa for allowing us to feature herĀ on here, keep on slaying stylishly babe!





The month of November is drawing close to its end and of course we will definitely not miss our monthly Aso-ebi diva series.
Today our Aso-ebi diva is a fabulous woman; BiodunĀ AdebutuĀ Dosunmu.
Biodun was my classmate at the University of Lagos and all through the time we were in class together all I can say about this diva is that she is intelligent, beautiful, kind-hearted, fabulous and a veryĀ smart lady.
I would also like to add that BiodunĀ is a fashion designer and she had a fashion outfit somewhere in Surulere, Lagos when she was in Nigeria and she actually made a dress for me at that time that was well-tailored and really nice.
Abi( short form of Abiodun) has a great fashion sense and looks very trendy in our African fabrics, so I just had to feature her as an Aso-ebi diva here for you all.
Even though Biodun is now married and a mum to 4 boys, she still looks super sexy with a gorgeous body.
One thing that makes this diva stand out is that she knows how to combine colours as well as accessories to match her skin color very well.
So please join me *clapping* as I present to you our Aso-ebiĀ diva for the month of November 2013; the beautiful, elegant, stylish and trendy AbiounĀ Adebutu-Dosunmu

Purple ankaraĀ with red gele
I love her blouse and short skirt.
Lovely style andĀ did you notice the simple accessories and her shoes……….
AbiĀ and her friends in the Aso-ebi
They all look elegant and beautiful
White&Gold lace with gold accessories
she looks so radiant here
AbiĀ and her friends again in the Aso-ebi
AbiĀ looks really hot here with a lilac lace and purple Gele
Did you notice her accessories too, this diva is a show stopper!
AbiĀ and her friends in the Aso-ebi
you can see how others also accessorize the same fabric.
iĀ love this picture. Naija women are pretty
This picture also caught my attention
Am loving the Gold and red combo. Super Hawt is the word!
Too much! *dats all* lol
cream and blue lace with blue headgear
really nice combination
Gold and army green combination
Mint green and peach lace with peach gele
I just her style here, simply elegant
geleĀ skentele………
she is so beautiful…………………….
I love her neck piece here

So that’sĀ our African Queen as well as Aso-Ā Ebi diva and junkie for the month of November.

*taking a bow*

You can share your thoughts about her style in our comments box.

Please watch out for our next diva for the month of December as we prepare for the yuletide season. Also if you would like to feature as our Aso-ebiĀ diva or you know someone you want us to feature kindly contact us or send us a Facebook message.

P.S: A very big thank you to Biodun for allowing us to feature her and we encourage her to keep being stylish and elegant.