Happy new year once again, may the New Year open new opportunities to us all and give us cause to merry and party.
For me, 2013 has been a remarkable year and I have lots to thank God for and also for this blog, am more grateful to God, my followers, readers and people who have liked us on face book and followed us on twitter, thank you for each time I make a post and you take out time to read and comment.
The Aso-Ebi junkie is my own little to space where I share my views on Nigerian fabrics and the fashion industry as a whole.
This year, the Aso-Ebi junkie would be delivering a richer content and try to increase our number of posts (suggestions are welcome please)
We would continue with our Aso-Ebi diva series and make it much better.
Also am going to put up more ‘selfies’ i.e more pictures of myself in African fabrics and attires for parties and particularly Sundays because I mostly wear natives on Sundays.
Am also going to introduce how to use formal wears as Aso-Ebi and issue style tips on tying gele and types of accessories that can be used with a particular fabric etc
This year, we would also have lots of give aways and gifts for our readers on this blog as well as sales of fabrics would be on from time to time too.
If you sell fabrics or you are into designing; We would also like to feature your product by reviewing your products or shop.
That’s part of our plans for 2014; we hope to unfold more as the year goes by…

Thank you