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  1. hi, I will like to know where your shop is in lagos, around balagun to be precise. am in ghsna but my uncle is in lagos. wanted to get sm stuffs

    1. hello dear, sorry for the late response
      currently i do not have a shop in lagos but am working on something very soon.
      balogun or idumota is a place where you can get lots of nice fabrics especially lace materials and ankara. so you can try anywhere around that area

  2. Our E-commerce Platform is Launching soon on our existing website http://www.golden-weddings.com.

    You can BOOST YOUR SALES by selling your products on our website (No registration fee) and reach thousands of our wedding clients/soon-to-be-brides….

    For an information pack, kindly send an email to info@golden-weddings.com or send a private message via Facebook – Golden Aisle. Don’t Forget to like our page. Regards

  3. Hello dear,
    weldone! u r doing great job on helping people look more beautiful.*smiles*. my brother will be getting married before the end of this year. and we asisted with colours coffee,peach and gold for d couple and guest will wear royal blue gele.what do u advise should be the colour of the day? coffee,blue and peach?

    1. Hello queen, thanks for the compliment and big congratulations to your brother in advance.
      Your colors are beautiful and for the color of the day, you can use peach or another shade of blue like baby or sky blue.


  4. Hi
    Not sure if uve closed for the new year or not am hoping not
    I am interested in the black tulle lace and want to find out what the price is I’ve seen uve got an outlet in ikeja my sis lives at ogba and would ask her to pick it up I’ll appreciate if u could respond ASAP. As I’ll b needing the fabrics really soon.

  5. Heya
    Does peach coloured jewellery match with a bronze coloured sequined dress .
    And secondly what colour gele matches best ?
    Thank u!

  6. Hello. I’m in a bit of a fix. i have a fushia pink dress and turquoise blue gele to wear for a wedding this Saturday and i think i should wear a silver sandal and bag. I’ve searched everywhere for the sandal but cant find any suitable one. do you have any ideas where i can purchase please? i’m kinda desperate. or do you have any other ideas as to what colour can go with that combo?

  7. Please I need your advise on this outfit. Purple skirt and blouse, yellow gele, purple purse and shoes and yellow beads. I will be waiting for your response. Thanks you.

  8. Hi,
    Please i need advice on colors for wedding, i have royal blue,yellow and orange in mind and i do not know how to combine them. Please help a sister out you can also suggest colors that will go with all the above colors i have mentioned.
    Thank you in anticipation.

  9. Hello..please my wedding is coming up soon and I have purple and gold in mind so am looking for third colour that can match or gele colour? And also maybe colour the guest might b on ? Thanks

  10. Hello..please my wedding is coming up soon and I have purple and gold in mind so am looking for third colour that can match or gele colour? And also maybe colour the guest might b on ? Please help a sister out..Thanks

  11. Good morning ma,

    Please my wedding is Nov…and am having problem with picking of aso ebi….my colours r. Navy blue nd gold…but the Ankara I saw in the market r gold nd maroon,gold nd pink… Pls advice what should I do?
    Thank ma

  12. I am interested in one of your laces with product code TCT014. I’d like to know if it comes in peach and what the bundle price is.

  13. good afternoon ma. nice work you are doing there. I want you to help me with this colors. My wedding is coming up July, for my traditional I choose to use lilac and purpl and for reception the color is navy blue with gold design. I need advice on the color for my bridal and a soebi for trad and reception. Thanks ma

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