The aso-oke fabric is one fabric I really love, even though I do not have much of it because people rarely use it as aso-ebi. On the other hand it’s mostly worn by the celebrants especially for Yoruba traditional weddings by the bride and groom.

But now there is a new (well, not so new) aso-oke fabric trending now, it’s called the Sanyan aso-oke!


Sample of Sanyan aso-oke fabric

Sanyan is commonly used in Ondo state of Nigeria for cultural/traditional events, woven from the beige silk obtained locally from the cocoons of the Anaphe moth, forming a pale brown/beige cloth.

Nowadays, you can get Sanyan in not just brown but more fabulous colors like pink, coral, blue, teal and sometimes in a mixture of 2-3 colors.

This ancient fabric is a ‘stunner’ at the moment and can be used not just by the celebrants but also by the guests as aso-ebi for weddings, birthdays, child christening and all sorts of parties.
It’s absolutely beautiful, unique, gorgeous and a breath of fresh air!

Here are some pictures of gorgeous people in Sanyan:

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images (2)

images (1)

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Note: pictures are not mine