Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the long holiday if you are in Nigeria and Barka da Sallah to our Muslim community.

Today I’m bringing back your favourite series on this blog #theweekendspoltlight

This is actually the first one this year 🙈 ( check the last one HERE ) but over the weekend, a particular traditional wedding broke our timeline on different social media platforms with the hashtag #thebashunion and this triggered the need to bring back this series.

It was such a beautiful and colorful event with top celebrities and society ladies in attendance.

One striking thing about this wedding is that they didn’t choose any fabric as asoebi but they only made a uniform asooke for their party guests as asooke asoebi and it was beautiful.

Like I normally say here even though I’m a fabric vendor, when you want to choose asoebi always consider your guests. If a uniform gele be it #segogele or asooke will be perfect and affordable then it’s okay. You don’t have to use or sell fabrics as asoebi.

In this case , their party guests are high class ladies so money is not even a factor and most of these wealthy folks even give out asoebi for FREE. But it could be due to time frame because manufacturing and shipping fabrics in large quantity takes like a month to 6weeks that’s for air freight but asooke is made locally and it will be faster to get and distribute.

So choose whatever works for you and make it easy for your guests . You can choose affordable fabrics of great quality as asoebi or you can choose quality asooke gele or Sego gele for your asoebi or just pick a color code. Remember the most important thing is to have your guests honour you with their presence at your party.

Now let’s see the beautiful party guests we spotted at #thebashunion last weekend in their lemon green or Chartreuse color asooke gele asoebi:

First of the gorgeous couple ( Dara and Tosin) in all white looking super stunning

Then in their asooke traditional outfit ( Did you notice they are wearing different but complementary colors)

Now to the party guests in fabulous fabrics with the asooke :

Then some other party guests in different gorgeous designs without the asoebi gele but still caught our attention as they are spectacular in different colors also:

What do you think about #thebashunion traditional wedding? Share your thoughts in the comments section and will you use only asooke gele as asoebi for your party? Let me know why.





Hello Gorgeous People,
Today’s post is about the ancient and very famous Asooke fabric.
The Asooke fabric is known all over the world and has been infused into contemporary fashion by various fashion designers.
It’s is locally woven here in Nigeria and some other parts of Africa in fact we now have Asooke fabrics from China! You know the Chinese people can produce or replicate anything in the world but when it comes to the Asooke fabric, the best is from our local African weavers.

The regular Asooke that we know normally come in stripes. A set of Asooke has 8 stripes in the pack which can be used to make gele, ipele (for a woman) and one or two caps (for a man).
Three stripes of the set is stitched together to make one gele (Head gear), four stripes is stitched together to make one ipele (for the shoulder) and the remaining one will make a cap or two depending on the length of the Asooke.
The regular length of  Asooke is 90 inches and each stripe width is about  4inches.

But now the fashion world is improving and evolving all over the world and the Asooke fabric is not left out hence my post today on the LOOM ASOOKE.

Its a new dimension of weaving Asooke fabric which a lot of  people do not know about. The Loom Asooke is woven straight into the gele (headgear) size which means you don’t need to stitch 3stripes together like I explained earlier. Its just like ready to wear!
And also the ipele is made straight into the normal size, no stitching/joining involved.

The loom Asooke is the rave of the moment for those who know and it can be made as plain, multicoloured, metallic ,soge or even onjawu.
You can also ‘spice ‘ it up by applying blings on it or tack some beads or sequence on it in various design as a bride or party guests.

Let’s look at some samples of the loom Asooke and don’t forget to call/WhatsApp 07033040834 or send a mail to to place orders for your Loom Asooke for personal use and party Asoebi quantity in whatever color or combination.