One of the most fascinating aspect of the Niger-delta traditional wedding in southern part of Nigeria is the attire of the bride!

I so much love how they use the coral beads to create a very cultural cum traditional appearance of the bride to her groom and wedding guests.

The Niger- delta bride whether from Edo, Delta or Rivers state outfit can never be complete without the beads costume.

There are always of different sizes and shapes ranging from small sized bead to medium to large to extra-large! Yeah, extra-large because some of them look very huge on the neck of the bride but am not sure of the weight if it’s as heavy as it looks (if you are from Niger-Delta kindly explain further in the comments section. Thanks).

Customarily, coral red color is the standard color for the beads even though some use other colors like white, peach e.t.c. it’s only the coral colored beads that actually give the native effect that every bride will want to portray on her traditional wedding day.

The beads can be worn as a top on the wrapper tied on the chest; it basically covers from the shoulder down to the waist in some parts while some other parts use the beads to make a cap and the bride gets to wear this very regal cap and also adorn her neck with the huge size coral bead neck piece! EXQUISITE!

Some also use it to adorn the native hairstyles that are exclusively made for brides on their Big Day to give the Emotan (Benin Queen) look with different sizes of coral beads carefully arranged on their neck as they present them to their groom.

Here are some Niger- Delta brides looking extremely gorgeous, super sexy and absolutely stunning in their coral beads costume displaying the rich Nigerian culture for you to see:












Well, Well, Well! am so proud to be a Nigerian.

So many beautiful cultures in my great nation and i will take time to showcase more of our diverse traditional wedding outfits to celebrate and display the richness of our African roots in coming posts.

Do have a great week ahead.