Silk and Chiffon

Happy Sunday Y’all,

So our giveaway sponsor Green Castle Dubai sent me some fabrics for a photo shoot and we made some beautiful iro and buba styles as well as dresses from the beautiful chiffon and silk mix/match fabrics.

When deciding styles to make from this fabrics, my being covered yet chic and classy mantra came to play because nudity is gradually taken over the fashion scene nowadays.
And as Africans, we love to look elegant and sophisticated but we also try to cover the appropriate parts of our body as females. Personally, I do not believe I have to expose parts of my body to feel/look sexy and as a fashion cum fabric blogger, I try to celebrate women who do not show their private parts but look absolutely stunning in well tailored African outfits.
I see my body as my treasure so will not expose it unnecessarily just like I will not expose my box of gold jewelry because I place so much value on it.

So in this photoshoot, I made some iro and buba  outfits with different kinds of sleeves with plain sego gele as my headtie .
My Tailor also made some maxi dresses from the fabrics to show us that chiffon and silk is not just for iro and buba but you can make dresses, shift dresses, maxi- dresses, tunic tops etc from them.
Let’s see some of the pictures:









Makeup by : Adorned by Joy +2349021776594

So, that’s Modupe ‘the amateur modella’. Lol
Which look is your best? Let me know in the comments section.

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Fabrics Sale

Hello everyone,

As you all know, we have been involved in coordination and supply of Asoebi as well as individual fabric supplies for different individuals and events by the grace of God.

And so to make it easier for our clients we will be having regular posts on fabric options that we have in stock and you can make your choice before contacting us for supplies.
I will like to state clearly that theasoebijunkie brand operates basically ONLINE. People contact us and ask for store/office address which we are working on but for now we operate solely online and we deliver all over the world.
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Orders outside Nigeria will take longer days depending on the country.

Here are some fabrics that are currently available for sale:


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Note: Asoebi (large) orders attracts discounts and are of different packages .

Looking forward to your orders.




Hello my lovelies,
Happy new month and Happy Eid- Kabir in advance to my Muslim readers and happy holidays as well to everyone.
Am excited about the holidays! At least we can have a short rest before the Christmas holidays.

Okay, so today am bringing up another post under the 2014 wedding colors category, the 2014 wedding colors segment/ series is dedicated to the 2014 brides-to be, who are still confused as to what color to wear on their traditional wedding day.
I posted pictures of some color inspirations earlier here, here and here.
But today’s color suggestion/inspiration is a very unique and extremely beautiful color combination that looks good on every bride despite their skin tone.
Yes, It’s the WHITE AND GOLD color mix either you are using a complete asooke set or you are mixing lace fabric with aso-oke or gele or even if it’s a blouse and George fabric wrapper, the white and gold color mix or combination will make you stand out and give you that regal and rich look that every bride want to have on her big day.
White signifies purity, innocence, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, understanding, faith, spirituality, possibility, sincerity, wholeness and completeness
Gold also signifies extravagance, wealth, riches, luxury, excess, generous, compassion, love, power, justice and strength.
If these and much more are all that you wish for in life and in your marriage, then you’ve got the right colors.

Now that you know the meaning of the colors you are wearing, let me move a step further by showing you some pictures of brides that have used this combination to inspire you more:















You can see how beautiful and gorgeous these brides look in their different outfits with the gold and white color combination.

Let me know what you feel about this colors in the comments box, I will really love to hear from you.

Mean while, enjoy the holidays, attend your owanbes this weekend and if you will love to share pictures don’t hesitate to shoot me a mail.





Hello lovelies,

Today’s post is based on a renowned style that is mostly worn in the western part of Nigeria by females especially when you are of marriageable age or planning to get married and also a staple wear  in your wardrobe as a married woman.

In Yoruba land, having a box full of various fabrics used to sew the iro and buba style is a must on the list of things required from the groom by the bride’s family at the traditional marriage.

In fact, in the olden days the box is opened during the traditional wedding ceremony and checked properly to ensure that the groom bought enough clothes for his bride.

Iro and buba is a style that gives you that “madam look” and makes you command respect among men and women in your community.

The iro is just a wrapper that you wrap round your waist; most people use 2yards of the fabric or 21/2 yards if your hips don’t lie. While the buba is the top which is normally round neck with free sleeves and never fitted by the side it could be referred to as a free size top.

But recently, as the fashion industry in Nigeria is improving and different styles are evolving day by day, the Buba top is also not left out and has also been re-invented  to give today’s women a more sophisticated look in the traditional way.

The buba has moved from being a simple free size round neck top to a more stylish top to make Nigerian women look super sexy!  Sewn to fit by the sides with various neck designs like the high neck buba, cowl neck buba, cape buba, lace-edge neck buba, Mono-chrome neck buba, off -shoulder buba etc.

The list of fabrics you can use to sew iro and buba is endless; from all sorts of lace fabric, to chiffon, Ankara, silk, georgette, brocade, cotton fabric, adire etc.

Here are pictures of women in iro and buba style with different designs of the buba top looking super stunning:












So you see, the  iro and buba style is no longer for just bride to be or married woman but for every stylish African woman and fashionistas. Even the kids are not left out because most cuties wear iro and buba on their first birthday anniversary to relate with their African roots.

Another advantage of the iro and buba style is that it can be easily sown by most tailors/ designers within a short duration . So if you need a quick fix  just get to your tailor and ask him/ her to make iro and buba for you.










Happy new month everyone,

This is a not so new trend because lots of ladies have rocked the silk or chiffon knot tie iro and buba since Tiffany Amber launched it.

But here am going to focus on the combination of both fabrics in making fabulous traditional/ native outfits.

One unique thing about this particular combination is that both the silk and chiffon often carry same prints/designs even though they are two different fabrics.


I love the use of these two fabrics in making stylish iro and buba styles also known as oleku; where chiffon fabric is used as buba and the silk as the wrapper /iro.

Nowadays the buba has shifted from the regular round neck, long sleeved and free size top to more sophisticated forms e.g. the off shoulder buba, the cape buba, the fitted short sleeve buba, the  cowl neck buba etc.

The wrapper too can be tied in the normal conventional way or knot tied (also known as the tulip style wrapper).

Below are pictures of fabulous people in the silk/chiffon combo:








Note: pictures are not mine






Hello People,

So i wore this sequined organza lace to church on Sunday and i just thought to share

My mum actually bought this fabric for me from Balogun market in Lagos and the gele which i so so love!

The lace fabric is beautiful and  laid well on my body for someone that do not like tying wrapper , i wanted to use it to make a skirt and blouse at first but my mum advised me to try and upgrade my iro and buba wardrobe . So i obliged and when i wore it, i totally fell in love with iro and buba and am going to sew more of it (watch this space).

The gele is called Sego!  It’s beautiful, not so hard and easy to tie.

I actually got this style at my first attempt because sometimes i normally tie my gele twice or thrice before getting it right and i did not need to use office pin(my gele tying secret) *covers face*

The other half of the gele is what i used as my’ ipele’ to give a complete Yoruba traditional look.