When you think prints, you think Vlisco! It’s one brand that can be termed the king of African print fabrics.

I saw their latest collection and I was thrilled! Beautiful, bright and colorful patterns, It’s called SPLENDEUR

And I will be sharing the look book of these fabrics in this post as they showcase the glamour and beauty of African prints in various designs embellished with crystals and sequence.

Vlisco new  collection fabrics include Wax Hollandais (also called Dutch Wax or Wax Block), Super-wax or Java fabrics created for fashion design.  Unique print styles that inherit the African culture.

The appealing pattern and unique color combinations ensure that everyone can express their personality in their clothing.  They use unique patterns in shades like yellow, blue, green, red, pink, purple, orange and brown.

Below are some of the fabulous and dazzling pieces from Vlisco


3D WONDERS: Set your spontaneity free and allow your imagination to conceive 3D embellishments created by cutting out shapes from our fabrics. As you can see from this wide sleeved long tail blazer, the embellishments are utterly captivating.

PURE BRILLIANCE: Create a floor-sweeping silhouette with this exciting, multi-layered mermaid style gown. By affixing crystals to the garment, your inner goddess will shine all the more.

PERFECT COMPANIONS: This wonderful coat is in fact crafted from two separated fabrics made to look like one. Underneath is a figure hugging dress elegantly accentuated with a transparent swirly skirt. Team yours with golden accessories and sassy red gloves.

TRUE ART: This wonderful vintage style dress will make you feel elegant with an air of glamour. Hand-crafted with precision, this beautifully cut out 
fabric is a true piece of sculpted art. 
Choose your favourite ornamental Vlisco fabric. Pick up the scissors and give your imagination free reign.

SCULPTED SILHOUETTE: Reveal your feminine forms with this sophisticated ensemble of a sleeveless top with an empowering high collar, and a super flattering ankle length mermaid skirt with a high waist

LOVE VINTAGE: Fluttering softly as you walk, this lovely sleeveless vintage dress with pliches is accented perfectly with a more exotic short jacket. Marvel at its intricate cut outs, which create transparency and drama to the outfit.

DARING DESIGN:Figure flattering and effortlessly chic, this knee length bustier dress reveals all your feminine beauty. It’s also the perfect shape to make the most of an XL design fabric. Be smart with your placement of the pattern and you’ll create a real show-stopper.

LUSCIOUS LAYERS: There’s always something new to reveal with this look. The elegant pencil skirt is easily teamed with a feminine peplum top and a sharp, contemporary jacket. Add your own eclectic twist with your choice of bold accessories.

SUNSET SILHOUETTE: Flattering every inch of your feminine curves, this elegant pencil dress with a simple top is the perfect choice when heading out with the girls. To add a nice jolt of drama, team up with some statement accessories.

Effortless Elegance: Look and feel amazing in this gorgeously feminine high waist pencil skirt finishing just over the knees. And for that nonchalant finishing touch, combine it with a stylish comfortable top.

MINUTE BEAUTY: Everywhere you look, gorgeous details reveal themselves. Feel inspired by the intricate fine embroidery on the vibrant Java fabric crafted into a beautiful pencil skirt and top. The kimono jacket with its long train is enriched with festive decorations such as beads and sequins, following the drawing of the pattern.

Wow! Beautiful patterns/ designs you will agree with me.

Vlisco Splendeur Limited Edition fabrics will be available from 18 November 2014.

Let me know how you feel about these designs in the comments box.

P.S: Its my first time of sharing a look-book on this blog. So if you are a designer and you would like to share the look book of your designs, don’t hesitate to send me a mail and I will do a post to showcase your designs here.





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