Hi everyone,my sincere apologies for not posting any topic in a long while.

it’s not so easy combining a 7am- 6pm job with family and blogging at the same time.

 So now we are in the ‘ember’ months already and this is a time where most people fix their weddings and other parties.

Therefore, aso-ebi becomes the order of the day. And we all know that gifts are attached to aso-ebi by celebrants and in today’s post we are going to focus on SOUVENIRS!

 Most times when guests purchase aso-ebi from friends, colleagues or family members celebrating an occasion, we expect to get a souvenir attached to it (that’s our Naija thank you card)

Here in Naija we feel it’s a way of appreciating who ever took out money (possibly meant for something else) to buy aso-ebi just to grace our parties.

 The type of souvenir given out most times is relative to the kind or cost of material used as aso-ebi.

For example, I will not expect someone who sold Ankara material(6 yards) for N3,000 to give out electric iron worth N2000 as souvenir neither will i expect another celebrant that sold a lace material (Swiss) for like N40000 to give out plastic bowl of N50 as souvenirs.

The social status/financial capability of the celebrant can also be a factor when choosing souvenirs. Let me note that souvenirs are not compulsory but well appreciated.

 Your friends, family members or invitees are not honoring your invitation or buying your aso-ebi because of souvenirs but most people consider giving out souvenirs as a way of showing gratitude.

For the purpose of this post, I will mention examples of souvenirs that you can give out or attach to your aso-ebi at distribution point as you plan for your next ‘owambe’

Souvenirs nowadays can be anything from household items to groceries, electronics, kitchen utensils and even clothing materials.

Below is a list of items that can be used as souvenirs:

• Set of cooking spoons   • Set of pots   • Frying pans

 set of pots        cooking spoons       frying pans

• Mugs      • Glass cups  . chopping board

set of mugs       glass cups       chopping board

• Set of knives, plates, kitchen napkins/gloves

set of knives   set of plates        napkins

 • Key holder  • Biros/Pen • Writing pad

key holder     pen    note pad

 • Pressing iron  • Radio  • Mobile phones

untitled     radio   phone

 • Detergent • Manicure set • Bath set

manicure      bath set      detergent

 • Clothing materials  • Shopping bags  • Photo frames

material   bags  photo frame

 • Citrus squeezer  • Wall clock  • Rechargeable lamp

juice squeezer         clock    lamp

• Waste basket  • Spice set . Electric shaver

spice set  waste basket   shaver

 So you can make your choice within your budget and make your guests smile even as you get fulfilled having a well-organized party.

P.s: You can personalise any of the above listed items by inscribing your name(s) on them before distribution.