Hello everyone,
I will love to share a vision that God laid on my heart with you all.
Last year, I picked up my pen and notebook to write a list of what to get for my children for Christmas celebration and along the line, God spoke to me clearly that there are some  children out there that do not have anyone to write a list of their needs. No clothing, no shoes, no celebration.

That’s why we have decided to start a foundation in this respect.
The vision of Let’s clothe a kid this Christmas is to clothe at least 100 kids this December.

So we are calling on fabric vendors, fashion designers and everyone that can buy fabrics or NEW ready to wear for kids and donate to join in putting smiles on at least 100 kids this Christmas.

We need all kinds of fabrics even if it is one yard, if you are a fabric vendor and you have some yards of good fabrics left please give to this vision and you and your family will never go naked.
We also need volunteer good fashion designers to help make this fabrics into fabulous dresses , shirts and trousers for our kids.


Please if you have any questions or suggestions  on areas within Lagos where we can get people that truly need these clothes or motherless babies  homes , you can send a mail to or call 07033040834 or 08186961269