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We will not allow the month of love(February) to end without sharing beautiful pictures from the wedding of our #christmas couple.

The bride as being an amazing customer for about two years (or more), so when she contacted us that she was getting married, I was so excited. She chose coral red and teal green for her wedding theme, so we stated with her aso-ebi fabric and I sent her options that fit into her color theme/budget and in a short while we sealed the asoebi deal. She’s the calmest bride ever! Then we moved to family fabrics and we sealed that too as well as fabrics for her own outfits, asooke and sego headtie (s) and the native handfan for delta brides.

Let’s see these fabrics in pictures as we celebrate this amazing couple displaying so much love at their traditional wedding.

Bride’s first outfit – Fabric and headtie from us

She slayed stylishly in our teal green tulle lace embellished with pearls and stones matched with our beaded sego headtie

Here she steps out with her boo in her second outfit which I really love because she allowed me style her in champagne gold monotone combo.

Fabric is champagne gold George with matching tulle blouse.

Headtie was champagne gold asooke fully embellished with Swarovski stones and gold pearls

Handfan was also embellished with stones (we had to go all out for our bride)

Here is our pretty bride with her brothers in Atiku and teal green asooke caps also styled by us

Now to the asoebi Fabrics, her female friends and colleagues turned up in this colorful yet classy/beautiful tulle lace with white sego gele that blends perfectly into her color theme and also makes you think of Christmas while the male counterparts wore white Atiku with coral red caps. All supplied by us!

I really wished we got more pictures of the asoebi Fabrics but from the few we got, we have no doubt that everyone slayed in different gorgeous designs.

We appreciate the couple for choosing us to style them and their amazing families and guests on their big day.

We pray that God bless their home and that their love for each other abound forever.

Thanks again for choosing Theasoebijunkie.

If you are a bride and you need our services for traditional bridal styling for any tribe in Nigeria, please send us a mail at or call/whatsapp 07033040834 and we will take the stress of you.




Happy Sunday everyone,
Hope you had a great time yesterday? Did you attend any wedding and will like to send pictures? Please send via WhatsApp 07033040834 as I have issues downloading attachments from my mails at the moment.

Last year I made a post on the beauty of the corals of the Niger-delta HERE and showcased different brides looking exceptionally beautiful on their big day.

Today am bringing another edition to showcase the unique culture of Niger-Delta part of Nigeria.
Traditional weddings outfits of both the bride and the groom in the Niger-Delta part is absolutely regal but the adorning of the bride with coral beads is what I find fascinating!

These beads comes in different sizes and shapes. But I personally love those huge ones on the neck especially the white ones used by the Kalabari women #breathtaking

Some parts of the Niger-Delta make a complete outfit from these beads for their brides while some tie  George fabric wrapper round her chest and then wear coral beads on top.
I also like the brides that makes a hat from the coral beads and wear that with exquisite coral neck beads on their complete blouse and double wrapper outfits.

Original coral beads are known to be quite expensive and its sometimes transferred from one generation to another. But some jewellers make beautiful plastic coral beads for brides on a budget for lesser price and they still look super gorgeous on their big day.

Let’s see some gorgeous Niger-Delta brides in their gorgeous traditional wedding outfits adorned with different kinds of coral beads to showcase the beauty of the African/Nigerian culture: