Hello my lovelies,
Happy new month and Happy Eid- Kabir in advance to my Muslim readers and happy holidays as well to everyone.
Am excited about the holidays! At least we can have a short rest before the Christmas holidays.

Okay, so today am bringing up another post under the 2014 wedding colors category, the 2014 wedding colors segment/ series is dedicated to the 2014 brides-to be, who are still confused as to what color to wear on their traditional wedding day.
I posted pictures of some color inspirations earlier here, here and here.
But today’s color suggestion/inspiration is a very unique and extremely beautiful color combination that looks good on every bride despite their skin tone.
Yes, It’s the WHITE AND GOLD color mix either you are using a complete asooke set or you are mixing lace fabric with aso-oke or gele or even if it’s a blouse and George fabric wrapper, the white and gold color mix or combination will make you stand out and give you that regal and rich look that every bride want to have on her big day.
White signifies purity, innocence, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, understanding, faith, spirituality, possibility, sincerity, wholeness and completeness
Gold also signifies extravagance, wealth, riches, luxury, excess, generous, compassion, love, power, justice and strength.
If these and much more are all that you wish for in life and in your marriage, then you’ve got the right colors.

Now that you know the meaning of the colors you are wearing, let me move a step further by showing you some pictures of brides that have used this combination to inspire you more:















You can see how beautiful and gorgeous these brides look in their different outfits with the gold and white color combination.

Let me know what you feel about this colors in the comments box, I will really love to hear from you.

Mean while, enjoy the holidays, attend your owanbes this weekend and if you will love to share pictures don’t hesitate to shoot me a mail.





Hello beautiful people,

As part of my promise to deliver better content this year and making theasoebijunkie your No. 1 spot for all fabric inquiries,  i have launched out a new category/series tagged ‘theasoebijunkie vendor’. Where i will feature fabric sellers and display their fabrics so as to make your fabric selection and shopping easier.

Recently i was approached by a new fabric merchant who asked me to help her publicize her brand and seeing that she has beautiful designs for sale i decided to feature her as our very first vendor. Her brand name is DOROFASHION fabrics!

Dorofashion fabrics is owned by Mrs Deronke Teluwo Okunnubi, you can check her face book page here and instagram page here who is Based in Manchester, United Kingdom and sells beautiful fabrics which range from Silk to Guipure lace to Tulle lace even the evergreen George fabrics and lots of other exotic fabrics that can be used as aso-ebi for your next owambe.

She also takes individual orders for your traditional wears and other chic outfits.

Dorofashion fabrics delivers to anywhere in the UK and also toNigeria.  

Check out some of the exotic fabrics which are currently on sale:

photo 1
Full embellished Guipure lace
photo 2
Full embellished Guipure lace in different colors
photo 3
Full embellished Guipure lace in royal blue
photo 4
Full embellished Guipure lace in coral


photo 2
Guipure lace with stones in fuchsia pink
photo 3
Guipure lace with stones in gold
photo 4
Guipure lace with stones in burgundy
photo 4
Guipure lace with special guipure edges in teal
photo 3
photo 2 Guipure lace with special guipure edges in red
photo 2
Guipure baby net lace in peach
photo 3
Guipure baby net lace in burgundy
photo 1
Guipure baby net lace in red
photo 1 - Copy
Beautiful blue George fabric with pink embroidery
photo 2
Beautiful Turquoise blue George fabric with gold embroidery
photo 3 - Copy
Royal blue George fabric with silver embroidery
photo 4
Fuchsia pink George fabric with gold embroidery
photo 5
Beautiful blue George fabric with gold embroidery

For further inquires and to make your orders/ purchase, you can contact her through her details below:

Face book page: @deronke teluwo-okunubi

Instagram: @dehronkebaybee

Whatsapp no: +447735010957

BB pin:    7B200F3C






niger delta skirt and wrapper

Hello and how has your week been? Hope you are having a blast?

This post should have been tagged Sunday’s best because I actually wore this outfit to church on Sunday. Tying two wrapper has been a culture of the Niger Delta women but recently they added a twist to it; i.e the young women who cannot stand tying wrappers had to start sewing skirts under and ‘manage’ to tie just one wrapper on top and looks real good if not better.

I see them using all manner of fabrics for these; ranging from Ankara to Lace material, Indian fabrics and the evergreen George fabric.
They make beautiful blouses, tie different styles of gele/head-tie and most importantly holding their white handkerchiefs and chanting ‘Iye’ during praise and thanksgiving in church.
So I bought this six yards material (seriously don’t know the name but it’s not a George material) because the fabric is more of cotton used it to sew a six pieces skirt, a wrapper and also made a head-tie. Some cloth management there!

Don’t really like tying wrappers (even our own iro and buba na by force) but I love the skirt and wrapper combo and am in the south now so I just had to go with the flow:

The simple blouse


Here is the six pieces skirt


skirt and blouse only( no head-tie , no wrapper)


Back view


Now with the head-tie and i tried knotting the wrapper on top of the skirt


Side view

Wrapper on top of skirt (regular tying)

I left my White handkerchief out (covers face), but will still sing ‘ayiba preye preye preye’

wishing you a lovely week ahead




Exactly one month today, the 23rd of March 2013 was a remarkable one, aside from being my Mum’s birthday, My very good friend – IFE tied the knots with  her Boaz (KOLADE)

All roads led to Lokoja ,Kogi state (beautiful place by the way) and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Ife’s Aso-ebi was French lace and George fabric plus our traditional headgear (Gele)

the material

Her choice of colour depicts her personality- Red (sexy and confident) and Aqua Blue(reliable and sensitive to the need of others).

Let’s see the evidence:




I used my George material to make a skirt, you can also tie it as a wrapper while some others made skirt and wrapper from the fabric.



I sneaked out of the church service to snap this. God have Mercy on me……


Made new friends in  Lokoja-Toyin, Shola and Kemi (lovely people)



All the ladies looking super hot in red with the couple

The French lace was well embroidered, soft and beautiful
The George material with silver trimmings was elegant.
The Gele was on point and really a head turner!

What’s your take on the fabrics and colour combination(in Jenifa’s voice) ?

PS; once again, I would like to wish Ife and Kolade a happy married life.