Hello my fabric lovers,

Its the end of the month of October and we are moving into a new month-November and I am definitely excited about this as I smell Christmas already !

Talking about Christmas, there are 3 Projects that we at Theasoebijunkie normally get involved in around this time every year which are – The Textile Fair Lagos, Lets clothe a kid and our annual fabric hampers sale but this Christmas we will be having just the Lets clothe a kid project and also sell our fabric hampers while the Textile Fair Lagos will not be holding due to logistics reasons and some other projects which we have been working on to make our brand serve you better that we will be unfolding to you all in a couple of weeks.

So beautiful people, as we did last year we will be collecting NEW FABRICS  to make BRAND NEW CHRISTMAS CLOTHES for less privileged kids from next month and we also need volunteer fashion designers/tailors that can make beautiful fabrics for free for these kids. More information on that will be up on the blog tomorrow in another post.

Back to our post for today, I will like to show us a new and not so new baby in the world of African laces that is so beautiful and versatile for my special ladies ……

The Floral tulle lace is a soft and high quality  lace made from tulle fabrics with floral embroidery on it.This fabric is a must in every woman’s closet as it gives a girly and elegant look whenever its worn irrespective kind of style or design made from it.

Also for women who want wear same fabric with their princesses/girls, this is the perfect fabric for your Mommy and Me picture as it is always super cool on little girls.

The floral tulle lace could be in a single color or multicolored (I love the multicolored designs), some have petals on the embroidery while some other ones are stoned but which ever you choose will make a stunning outfit if handled by a good tailor. I personally loved the soft feel it has on the skin and the way it glues on the skin is absolutely gorgeous.

Enough of my preaching (lol), lets see the beautiful fabrics in different designs and color mix:



What do you think about floral tulle lace fabrics? And what style will you like to make from it? share your thoughts in the comments section.

If you are drooling over any of these beauties already, do get in touch and we will bring it to your doorsteps. But if its not your in your budget at the moment, I will advise you to start making plans to get one for yourself and your lil diva(s) particularly for the festive season that is so near. To order please call/whats app 2347033040834 or send a mail to






Aso-ebi nowadays is shifting from our fabulous Ankara, velvet, ever-green George fabric and co. to more sophisticated fabrics; one of which is the Guipure lace.
This fabric is a lace material that has interwoven patterns, a bit stiff because of the embroidery stitches that are closely knitted and very firm in nature.
It is made from polyester rayon and has no net in the background like other laces so you have underline it with another fabric/lining so as not to show unnecessary skin.

The first time I saw the Guipure lace, what came to mind was a cord lace fabric my mum rocked in the early ‘90s. It is true that fashion/trend evolves from time to time, so to me Guipure lace is like an ‘advanced formula’ of the old cord lace.

The white color of this fabric can be used to make wedding dresses (very regal) or used for the traditional wedding attires with some exquisite aso oke/gele.
Other colors can be used to make the bride’s 2nd dress or bride’s maid dresses as well as aso-ebi for all the guests.

Mixing the Guipure lace with other fabrics like Ankara, Adire or even Silk add more depth to whatever style you choose to make out of it. You can use it to make dresses, skirts and blouses or even iro and buba and you get to ‘slay them’ stylishly!

So when next you need to make a decision on aso-ebi for your next parry, Guipure lace is a fabric to look out for.
It’s beautiful, elegant, classy and available in most markets.

Here are some samples for your perusal :


images (3)


images (4)


images (2)


images (1)




images (5)


Do have a party and fun filled weekend.