Hello everyone, Barka da sallah to all my muslim friends and happy holidays.

Previously I did a post on matching color combinations for aso-ebi in which I discuss extensively on how to pick and combine colors for your party outfit. I also listed some colors that you can combine together to achieve a great look, but later discovered that most people do not know these colors and therefore cannot identify them by their names

So I have decided to show us some color palettes with names in order to help us know what each color looks like.

These color palettes would guide and help us in making fast and better decisions as we choose our aso-ebi.


imagesCA6LE33X          imagesCA8QRH3T

imagesCAAKHNZV      imagesCAFI0HG6  imagesCAUAKW2P

So there you have it, pick your colors and get your groove on………….