Theasoebijunkie Weekend Spotlight 

Hello my beautiful readers, 

Its another Monday and as you all know, it’s time for another edition of theasoebijunkie Weekend Spotlight where we showcase gorgeous party guests pictures in different exquisite Fabrics and styles that we spotted over the weekend. 

Please check out the beauties we spotted this week :

What do you think about these fashionistas and their style? Let’s know your views in the comments section. 
Do have a blessed week ahead


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Hello my beautiful readers, 

Its the second edition of our new series –  ANKARA JUNKIE. This series will be dedicated to showcasing exceptional and beautiful designs made from Ankara fabrics on gorgeous women to help you choose what you can make from our awesome Ankara fabrics as you all know Theasoebijunkie brand supplies best quality Ankara prints in super gorgeous colors at best rates ever. Call/whatsapp 2347033040834 to view and purchase our quality Ankara fabrics or send us a mail at theasoebijunkie@gmail.com and we will respond swiftly. Bear in mind that we deliver within and outside of Lagos, so getting it across to you wherever you are is not a problem. We got you covered 😊

Check out these amazing designs from the simple yet classy to the corporate designs to the party perfect designs :





Greetings to all our Muslim readers, 

As the Ramadan season is drawing to an end and we are all preparing for the celebration of EID-FITRI,  we at theasoebijunkie deem it fit to offer some of our fabrics on sale so you can slay to the praying ground and after party. 

We pray that God Almighty accept all your request in this fasting season. 

Here are some of our beautiful fabrics and prices available for Immediate delivery as we celebrate the EID-FITRI :

Colors: Champagne gold and Burgundy 

Product code: CGB 010

Price: 25,000 Naira for 5yards (sold out) 

Colors: Royal blue and silver 

Product code:RYB 012

Price: 25,000 Naira for 5yards (Sold out) 

Colors: Orange and champagne gold 

Product code:OCG 013

Price: 25,000 Naira for 5yards

Colors: Champagne gold and Gold

Product code: CGC 016

Price: 25,000 Naira for 5yards

Colors: Coral and champagne gold 

Product code: CCG 015

Price: 25,000 Naira for 5yards

Colors: Champagne gold on black soft tulle 

Product code:CGB 016

Price: 20,000 Naira for 5yards (sold out) 

Colors: Nigerian green on black soft tulle 

Product code: NGB 018

Price: 20,000 Naira for 5yards (sold out) 

Colors: Orange and champagne tulle 

Product code:OCB 019

Price: 15000 Naira for 5yards

Colors: peach and champagne gold tulle 

Product code:PCG 020

Price: 15,000 Naira for 5yards (sold out) 

Colors: Green and champagne gold tulle 

Product code: GCG 021

Price: 20,000 Naira for 5yards

Colors: Royal blue and champagne tulle lace 

Product code:RYB 022

Price: 20,000 Naira for 5yards

Colors: Burgundy and champagne guipure lace 

Product code:BCG 023

Price: 25,000 Naira for 5yards

Colors: Plum and champagne gold tulle lace 

Product code:PTB 026

Price: I5,000 Naira for 5yards

Color: Yellow tulle lace 

Product code:YTB 016

Price: 20,000 Naira for 5yards

Color: Royal blue  tulle lace 

Product code:RTB 026

Price: 15,000 Naira for 5yards

Color: Emerald green and champagne gold  tulle lace 

Product code:EGB 016

Price: 18,000 Naira for 5yards

Color: Burgundy and champagne gold  tulle lace 

Product code:BCG 028

Price: 20,000 Naira for 5yards

(sold out) 

Color: Coral and champagne gold  tulle lace 

Product code:CCB 028

Price: 20,000 Naira for 5yards

Color: Magenta and champagne  tulle lace 

Product code:MCB 030

Price: 25,000 Naira for 5yards
To order, please  call or WhatsApp 07033040834 . 
You can also send email to theasoebijunkie@gmail.com

Payment should be made (with fabric code) to

Account name: theasoebijunkie
Bank: zenith Bank
Account number: 1014063212

We look forward to your patronage. 

P. S: We do deliveries within and outside of Lagos state. 





Hello my lovelies,

Thank God it’s Friday,  today we will be showcasing amazing monotone asoebi combination to inspire  those that may want to opt for the monotone combo as they make decisions on their event’s aso-ebi. 

The mono aso-ebi combination is when you stick to a particular shade of color in your event’s color theme. That means you are using a single color for your asoebi (fabric and headtie /cap). 

I personally love the monotone asoebi combination because it exudes class, simplicity and elegance. 

Below are some examples of pictures of party guests looking gorgeous in different monotone asoebi combination :

Sky blue asoebi
Pink asoebi combination
Navy blue and gold asoebi combination


Teal blue asoebi combination
Burgundy asoebi combination


Turquoise blue asoebi combination
Grey asoebi combination


Magenta asoebi combination
Mint green asoebi combination


Peach asoebi combination

Lilac asoebi combination 
What’s your take on the monotone asoebi combination and what’s your best color combination from the pictures? Let’s know your thoughts in the comments section. 

Have a beautiful weekend and fulfilled EID-FITRI holiday. 

P.S. :Don’t forget our EID-FITRI SALES is still on going. Please  check HERE and grab exquisite Fabrics at best rates as they are selling out fast 





Hello everyone, 

 The wedding season is fully here, and brides to be and planners are bombarding us with questions on color combination for their asoebi (BTW we have amazing asoebi offers from now till December at awesome prices. Contact us on 234-7033040834 for details) So we find it paramount to make a post on our ASOEBI EXTRAVAGANZA series aka the festival of African fabrics. 

Below are gorgeous asoebi color combination to inspire in picking a color for your own asoebi and make your guests appear amazingly beautiful at your event :

Royalblue and white asoebi combination
Wine and white asoebi combination

Fuschia pink and pink asoebi combination 

Cobalt blue and white asoebi combination
Champagne gold and pink asoebi combination
Purple and Lilac asoebi combination
Sky blue and yellow asoebi combination for men

Green and white asoebi combination 

Peach and sky blue asoebi combination
Teal green asoebi

champagne gold and Rich gold asoebi combination 

Nigerian green and white asoebi combination 

Royal blue and green asoebi combination 

Teal green and champagne asoebi combination 

Royal blue and yellow asoebi combination 

What do you think about these asoebi color combinations? Make your views known in the comments section. Thanks 





Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? Hope you’re preparing for our pop up shop that will be holding this weekend? It will be nice to meet my readers live at the Pop up shop. See more info HERE
Date: 2nd and 3rd of July 2016
Venue: Safat’s place – 12, Odunuga street off Osho street Opebi Lagos
Time: 10 am to 7pm

Back to today’s post, I am again excited to bring our Star bride to be to you in person of Miss Omolara.

Beautiful Omolara contacted us requesting for a beautiful and affordable fabric for her introduction ceremony which is a ‘pre-traditional  wedding’ ceremony in Nigeria where families of intending couples meet with each other to make plans for the wedding of their children. I must say its a big deal here!

So you know she has to look her best as she will be the cynosure of all eyes and will be meeting some of her groom’s extended family members for the first time.
We sent options to her as per fabrics, color and Accessories combinations. And she finally settled for the peach on peach with gold accessories which turned out so beautiful and elegant.
Her boo also got a cream fabric with the peach asooke and they both slayed!

Let’s see the evidence in pictures from the introduction ceremony:









Awesome pictures by Debola styles.

Again, I will like to say massive congratulations to Miss Omolara and her boo. Your home is blessed and your star will continue to shine. I love you!

Her mum also got a tulle lace from us.
Looking forward to styling you for your traditional wedding and friend’s Asoebi soon.



P.s: Don’t forget to turn up at our pop up shop this weekend.



Hello everyone,

It is my delight to bring our amazing #theasoebijunkiestarcouple to you as they rocked theasoebijunkie asooke on their big day.

Our bride- Now Mrs Adeleke made it clear that she wanted a unique and gorgeous design of asooke for the traditional wedding and not the regular hand-cut buba but something easy breezy that will be airy and not so heavy.

So we decided to make a tiny interlace hand cut buba in champagne gold with patches of orange and neon green to represent her color theme with lots of blings scattered on it.
The wrapper was a plain champagne gold asooke but we also joined the tiny inter lace handcut to the lower part which turned out so beautiful.
Because the buba and wrapper had a burst of colors, we decided to tone it down with a plain white head-tie and ipele embellished with gold stones and pearls which the bride slayed stylishly on her big day.

The groom also looked regal in his  champagne gold agbada with white embroidery design and champagne gold cap.

Theasoebijunkie brand is so proud of the final outcome of the couple’s attire and we are grateful to be part of your big day!

Now let’s see the amazing pictures from Ripples Photography:









Photography: Ripples Photography 09098398388, 07014409012
Makeup: Safat’s  Place 08186112608

We once again wish the Adelekes a happy and Blissful marital life ahead. Their home is built on Christ the solid rock and amazing testimonies shall follow.
Thank you for trusting theasoebijunkie brand to style you on your big day.