Theasoebijunkie Weekend Spotlight 

Happy Holidays everyone and EID- Mubarak to all Muslims. 

Long time no #weekendspotlightūüėä.  So today we are bringing back one of our favorite series –  Theasoebijunkie Weekend Spotlight where we bring to you pictures of gorgeous party guests in beautiful fabrics over the weekend every Monday. 

Below are some gorgeous ladies we spotted last weekend slaying stylishly to different events :

What do you think about these fashionistas and their style? Let’s know your views in the comments section. 
Do have a blessed week ahead. 





Hello everyone, 

 The wedding season is fully here, and brides to be and planners are bombarding us with questions on color combination for their asoebi (BTW we have amazing asoebi offers from now till December at awesome prices. Contact us on 234-7033040834 for details) So we find it paramount to make a post on our ASOEBI EXTRAVAGANZA series aka the festival of African fabrics. 

Below are gorgeous asoebi color combination to inspire in picking a color for your own asoebi and make your guests appear amazingly beautiful at your event :

Royalblue and white asoebi combination
Wine and white asoebi combination

Fuschia pink and pink asoebi combination 

Cobalt blue and white asoebi combination
Champagne gold and pink asoebi combination
Purple and Lilac asoebi combination
Sky blue and yellow asoebi combination for men

Green and white asoebi combination 

Peach and sky blue asoebi combination
Teal green asoebi

champagne gold and Rich gold asoebi combination 

Nigerian green and white asoebi combination 

Royal blue and green asoebi combination 

Teal green and champagne asoebi combination 

Royal blue and yellow asoebi combination 

What do you think about these asoebi color combinations? Make your views known in the comments section. Thanks 





Hello everyone, 

Today I want to introduce another amazing and very versatile fabric that is fast taking over the fashion scene and lots of ladies are making drop dead gorgeous outfits from it- LASER CUT LACE. 

 Laser cut lace fabric is intricate, elegant and has a classic pattern that makes you stand out in any outfit. 

Laser cutting used to be reserved for haute couture designs. But as consumers began lusting for the technique, and the technology was made more readily available to manufacturers, it’s become commonplace to see laser-cut silk and soft leather to make gorgeous lace designs. 

There are different types of laser cut designs as shown below :

Laser cut embellished with pearls and stones
Cream plain laser cut lace
plain laser cut lace
Pink plain laser cut lace
Black plain laser cut lace
Cream laser cut lace embellished with pearls and stones
Lilac laser cut lace embellished with pearls and stones
Yellow laser cut lace embellished with pearls and stones
Red laser cut lace embellished with pearls
Cream 3D laser cut lace
Peach 3D laser cut lace

This amazing fabric can be styled into blouse and wrapper, iro and bubble as well as dresses but please get a good tailor or fashion designer to make exquisite designs that will make you slay stylishly. 

To order this fabric for yourself or as your event’s asoebi contact us on 2347033040834 or via email at theasoebijunkie@gmail.com. 

Have a great week ahead. 




Hello everyone, 

Its been a while we had our festival of African fabrics aka asoebi extravaganza series. Where we  showcase our ASOEBI culture by displaying pictures of a particular fabric  styled in different gorgeous designs  and worn by invitees/party guests to a particular party or event. 

Have a look here:

Cheers to a fantastic weekend! 



Cotton Fabrics (Atiku) for men

Hello people, 

Even though we cater for male fabric needs on request,  we haven’t really devoted any post to sales of male fabrics and that’s about to change as today’s post is dedicated to our male readers who have been making inquires on  Atiku fabrics. 

If you are non-nigerian,  you might be wondering what Atiku is ? Well,  Atiku fabric is a pure cotton fabric that is not as thick or heavy as brocade. 

This fabric is commonly used by men from the Northern part of Nigeria and our former  Vice president- Alhaji Atiku Abubakar  who is a northerner, rocked this fabric in different colors during his tenure in the most stylish way that made most men in Nigeria want to replicate his style and So the fabric was named after the former vice president Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. 

The cotton fabric is either plain, stripped or patterned. Its mostly 100% cotton,  easy-breezy and soft on the skin. Mostly dyed in subtle colors but every guy should at least have a white Atiku fabric in their closet. It’s a classic wear! 

They come in different grades depending on your budget. Today I will be showing us a ‘medium’ grade quality which is a good one that we have available for sale at the moment. There are ‘higher’ grades like the HKG, Filtex etc but these are budget friendly ones that are pure cotton and of great quality (pictures not doing justice) :

Light brown patterned Atiku

Product code:BAL 001

Price: N10, 000 for 5yards

Peach  stripped  Atiku

Product code: PSA 002

Price: N10, 000 for 5yards


Lemon green  striped Atiku

Product code:LGS 003

Price: N10, 000 for 5yards

Grey patterned Atiku

Product code:GPA 005

Price: N10, 000 for 5yards

Carton brown large striped Atiku

Product code:CBL 006

Price: N10, 000 for 5yards

Sky blue striped Atiku

Product code: SBS 007

Price: N10, 000 for 5yards

White striped  Atiku

Product code:WSA 009

Price: N10, 000 for 5yards

Cream striped Atiku

Product code:CSA 004

Price: N10, 000 for 5yards

Light teal patterned  Atiku

Product code:LTP 007

Price: N10, 000 for 5yards

White striped Atiku

Product code:Ball 001

Price: N10, 000 for 5yards

To order, please  call or WhatsApp 07033040834 . 
You can also send email to theasoebijunkie@gmail.com

Payment should be made (with fabric code) to

Account name: theasoebijunkie
Bank: zenith Bank
Account number: 1014063212

We look forward to your patronage. 

P. S: We do deliveries within and outside of Lagos state. 

Do have a fruitful week ahead. 





Hey lovelies,

Its still February and we are still celebrating Love, which is why we are bringing back one of our old but inspiring series tagged ‘Love looks like us’  where we showcase beautiful couples in outstanding traditional wedding outfits from different parts of Nigeria and across Africa to help intending couples make decisions on  how their outfits will compliment each other .

Also it will help in coordination of colors, fabrics and style in order to become the cynosure of all eyes on their own big day.

My best part is the display/expression of love between the couple in pictures, you can literarily feel the emotions ,bond and above all the fire of love burning!

Let’s see some love birds in their lovely outfits :





3D fabrics also known as Three dimensional woven fabrics are fabrics that could be formed to near net shape with considerable thicknes.

Three-dimensional Composites utilize fiber preforms constructed from yarns or tows arranged into complex three-dimensional structures. These can be created from a 3D weaving process, a 3D braiding process, or a 3D lay of short fibers. A resin is applied to the 3D preform to create the composite material.

These unique fabrics are light weighed, beautiful and exquisite . They are most suitable for bride’s reception dresses, birthday outfits, baby dedication outfits or any event where you want to be the centre of attraction.

Here are some samples of 3D tulle laces that you can order from us in order to #pepperdem at your next occasion:

To order call or WhatsApp 07033040834 

Add us on Bbm 5C3EED21
You can also send email to theasoebijunkie@gmail.com

Payment should be to
Account name: theasoebijunkie
Bank: zenith Bank
Account number: 1014063212