Theasoebijunkie star🌟 : Wunmi

Hiya my fabulous people,

Today, am bringing to you yet another star in our fabric.

Miss Wunmi got in touch with us through Bbm and asked for a beautiful tulle lace fabric for her introduction ceremony.
For those who don’t know, the Nigerian weddings ceremonies generally consist of 3basic steps /events. The first one is called the introduction ceremony mainly by Yorubas some other tribes in Nigeria call it “knocking of the door ” this event is like a mini engagement ceremony where the groom comes to the bride’s house with his immediate family and introduce himself formally to the bride’s family stating his intention to marry their daughter with some gifts for the bride’s family .

It is at this event that the dowry and every other requirements  of the bride’s family will be discussed and the main engagement and wedding date is picked.
So this was the event that our star-Wunmi was planning for and you know she definitely needs to slay stylishly as the  star of the day.
She finally settled for our cobalt blue  and champagne gold tulle fabric with guipure edges and she did look super  gorgeous as you can see in the pictures below :






What ya think? I absolutely think she killed it with that body #baddest.

Congratulations again Wunmi looking forward to planning your asoebi soon.
Your home is blessed already! Continue to shine!  You are a 🌟




Nowadays immediately a girl gets engaged,the next thing her friends starts to inquire is the Asoebi for the event or they begin to ask the bride to be if they will be among her ‘Asoebi ladies’.

Personally, I don’t like the term Asoebi Ladies because its like an abuse to the significance of the Asoebi culture of our people.
Asoebi is not for a selection of the brides friends but its first of all a family thing.

The Asoebi culture is a beautiful concept by the Yoruba people used to signify oneness and unity amongst a particular family at events celebrated by one of their family member. Most especially at weddings as weddings then was not just about the bride and groom but its about the coming together of two families.
The Asoebi is what is used to identify each family at the event.
The brides family can wear blue for instance while the grooms family can pick white as the color for their own Asoebi.
So everyone can identify those who came for ‘idana’ which means payment of dowry and they can also identify the brides family who will receive the dowry . Although the ceremony is always done at the the bride’s family house unlike now that we use events centers the uniform fabric or color  also exhibits peace amongst each family and they can be reassured that their children are in safe hands.

So you see why I think picking Asoebi for some ladies and tagging them Asoebi Ladies kind of bastardize the original intent of the Asoebi culture.

You can select some friends to be on your bridal train as bride’s maids or confetti girls but not as Asoebi ladies.
The Asoebi fabric is for your family members and everyone you consider as friends and not just some selection of ladies in my own opinion.

What’s your take on the ‘Asoebi ladies’ bug? Share your views in the comments box .
Thank you