About Us

The Aso-ebi junkie blog is the No. 1 hub for all information needed concerning exquisite African fashion fabrics and prints.
We help to source and co-ordinate aso-ebi (fabrics) for events, bridal fabrics and also render personal shopping for exclusive fabrics to individuals.
We also showcase all kinds of styles, patterns and designs made from different fabrics that brings out the elegance in the African man or woman.

14 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Great work here.. …Can i use mint green- blouse, mint green with coral design-wrapper, coral with mint green design- gele and ipele, gold shoe and purse, mixture of coral and gold as hand fan. Mint green designed with coral for agbada with coral cap for the groom..kindly reply.. Thank you!

  2. Hello, i’m kenneth by name, is there a any way i can advertise with you, i am also into fabrics materials. both George and lace.

  3. I need immaculate white cord lace which white stones on it , . I need 2 . 5 yards each.

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