Theasoebijunkie Weekend Spotlight 

Hello everyone, 

Been a while! It’s November and we are ‘smelling’  Christmas already 😊.  Also loads of parties especially weddings all over and we know you will want to slaaay at these events hence our weekly style inspiration post #theasoebijunkieweeendspotlight where we showcase gorgeous party guests pictures in different exquisite Fabrics that caught our eyes over the last weekend. 

This post will help or inspire you  to select  a super stunning design that you can will make appear gorgeous  when making the asoebi or fabric you bought for your next party.  

Incase you don’t have any asoebi at hand and you need to get quality lace fabrics to make any of these designs, kindly contact us for gorgeous and good quality fabrics at best rates on 2347033040834 or send a mail to theasoebijunkie@gmail.com. 

Here are our favorite looks from last weekend for your perusal:

Do have a great week ahead 



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