This year 2016 is definitely going to be a colorful year and Pantone has released some very unique colors that will make us stand out this year.

Am so in love with  these colors because they’re actually a breathe of fresh air for us in the fabrics /fashion business.
The teal, turquoise, coral, mint green etc are becoming too boring and have been used over and over again in the year 2015.

So if you are a 2016 bride or you have any event coming up this year like birthday, naming ceremony or burial ceremony of aged parents etc (because asoebi is not limited to weddings alone) you should check out these colors for your outfit and also for your guests.

The top ten colors are :
1. Snorkel blue
2. Peach Echo
3. Green splash
4. Rose quartz
5. Iced coffee
6. Lilac grey
7. Limpet shell
8. Serenity
9. Buttercup
10. Red fiesta


If you have issues in matching them together, don’t hesitate to contact us as we will gladly help to combine these colors when you order fabrics or  your asoebi but one very outstanding combination is the Rose quartz and Serenity.

Have a great weekend ahead.


25 thoughts on “2016 COLORS”

  1. Good day,
    Our wedding is coming up and everything is set except for the most important thing. The colour for trad and aso ebi.
    I’m not a fan of bright coli ur cos am pretty dark. So my decor I went with neutral colour of white and peach.
    My trad, ild love to use gold or peach mixing it up with marsala stonest for pop of colour. Then friends I tot of marsala or burgundy. The aso ebi for genre is peach.
    Please what do u think of the colour choice. Cos na war.

  2. Hi. I would like to get your opinion on the the color i picked for my Traditional wedding outfit. The colors are champagne gold and midnight blue. What accessories will bring out the beauty of the combination?


  3. Good day,

    Please I need ur urgent help. What colour can I use for gele on aqua green.
    My tots are burgundy or wine for my aso ebi girls as their lace is aqua. Please kindly assist.
    My own cloth is champagne gold and my aso oke has stone of burgundy
    Please kindly help

  4. Good morning ma, my name is kate and my traditional marriage is at hand, we have chosen champagne and orange, what other colors can we use for the aso ebi and our parents? Please I need your help. Thanks

  5. Good day, am wearing black sequence as skirt and d blouse is emerald green mixed with invisible champagne gold.what colour of gele and bead should I use? THANKS

    1. please my traditional wedding come up in 2months time kindly help me with color. am wearing peach on mint green and gold accessories my friends also are putting on peach and gold what color can I take for d aso ebi

  6. Hello! I must applaud your excellent sense of combining colors.Am lately loving the rose quarts color.wondering what to pair it with asides the serenity.and also how available is the color for asoebi? Thanks in anticipation. ..

  7. hello! please i need your help. am a bit fair in colour. so i want to use burgundy and white/champagne gold for my trad, whats your take on it? also, i dnt know what colour the parents should wear and the general aso ebi colour. please kindly help. thanks a lot

  8. Hi. Please am a bit confused on what color to use for my traditional. I saw a some use a bit dark lilac green with gold blouse but then she is fair. Will it be nice on me too cos am dark but not very dark. And what do you think of peach echo and the green I described. Thanks

  9. hi,

    Thanks for your posts they are quite rich but Im finding it difficult matching colors for my wedding. please I need a sample of snorkle blue and peach echo. kindly let me kw if both make a good match .

    awaiting your swift response. thanks .

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