Theasoebijunkie star🌟 : Wunmi

Hiya my fabulous people,

Today, am bringing to you yet another star in our fabric.

Miss Wunmi got in touch with us through Bbm and asked for a beautiful tulle lace fabric for her introduction ceremony.
For those who don’t know, the Nigerian weddings ceremonies generally consist of 3basic steps /events. The first one is called the introduction ceremony mainly by Yorubas some other tribes in Nigeria call it “knocking of the door ” this event is like a mini engagement ceremony where the groom comes to the bride’s house with his immediate family and introduce himself formally to the bride’s family stating his intention to marry their daughter with some gifts for the bride’s family .

It is at this event that the dowry and every other requirements  of the bride’s family will be discussed and the main engagement and wedding date is picked.
So this was the event that our star-Wunmi was planning for and you know she definitely needs to slay stylishly as the  star of the day.
She finally settled for our cobalt blue  and champagne gold tulle fabric with guipure edges and she did look super  gorgeous as you can see in the pictures below :






What ya think? I absolutely think she killed it with that body #baddest.

Congratulations again Wunmi looking forward to planning your asoebi soon.
Your home is blessed already! Continue to shine!  You are a 🌟


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