Happy New Year everyone,
Thank God we made it to 2016! It’s going to be an amazing year for us all in Jesus name.

One of the amazing brides we had the privilege to  style and also supply asoebi for was Mrs Esosa Obaseki who contacted us all the way from New York City, U. S. A for her traditional wedding.

Her asoebi color theme was purple and silver,  so the first thing she ordered was a purple tulle lace fabric embellished with stones for her friends which was delivered to her friends in Lagos and Port Harcourt here in  Nigeria.

After which we had another discussion on her outfit as well as her husband’s outfit for their traditional wedding.
She had a gold color theme in mind,  we exchanged pictures and she later settled for this Gold onjawu asooke with blings on the gele as well as gold Agbada and cap for her husband.

She also wanted a customised gold hand fan for herself which we designed  and in total created a regal look this gorgeous couple on their big day.

I hereby present to you pictures of our  star couple for the month of December 2015 for your perusal:







Massive Congratulations to them and we wish them everlasting conjugal bliss.
Their  home is blessed already and their  stars will keep shining.


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