Awesome 2015

Hello everyone,
Been a while! We have been a bit busy with orders for the festive season and asoebi orders but we won’t let this amazing year end without saying thank you to you our excellent blog readers and gorgeous customers for being there throughout 2015.

We are so grateful to everyone that has taken out time to read every and any of our posts and also to everyone that has brought fabrics from us from different parts of the world.

A special thank you to every bride that had allowed us style them for their big day and also ordered asoebi for friends and relatives from us.
We’re more than grateful!

Massive thank you to every vendor that participated in our textile fairs within the year and also every shopper that came from all over.

Also we are grateful for the success of our Let’s clothe a kid this Christmas project. May God bless everyone who contributed fabrics and all our volunteer designers.

2015 has been an amazing year for Theasoebijunkie brand,  we have experienced multiple restoration, unparalleled favour and indeed we enjoyed heaven on earth.
For this and what 2016 entails we return all the glory to the most high God.

Happy New Year in advance people!
See you in 2016!


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