Hello everyone,
Its my first post in September! You may be wondering what’s so special about that? Well September is my birth month , so I get pretty excited as I have lots of other anniversaries in this particular month.

Talking about celebrations, if you are planning any event soon and you are still trying to figure out the Asoebi for that event, I have got some good news for you.

As we have some new fabric options for Asoebi that you can order for your events between now and December up to early next year.
If you can’t find your color theme amongst these ones, kindly contact us and we will customise specially to meet your own color theme:











All fabrics comes with gele headtie or Asooke headtie of any color of your choice and souvenir attached.
To order call or WhatsApp 07033040834 or call 08186961269. Add us on Bbm 5663DCEA
You can also send email to to discuss further.
Orders should be made at least 4 weeks to the event.

Please note that we do business basically ONLINE at the moment and you can be rest assured that our brand is reliable and can be trusted.



6 thoughts on “ASOEBI FABRICS”

  1. Lovely lace fabrics you have here. What;s the name of the fabrics labelled 112 and 139. Thanks. I rely on your blog to educate me about the latest fashion trends.

  2. Evening ma. I appreciate ur job here, pls i want to use powder blue and royal blue for my transitional wedding. Can i still use d same colour for my accessories and bag & shoes? Or which other colour for d bag & d shoes? Church wedding baby pink & orchid.

    1. Congratulations Tomi,
      Yes you can combine both colors and also use same color of accessories to achieve the monotone look. But if you want to use any other color you can use either red or silver. Hope that helps…..

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