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I lived in Kano for about 7 years and I can recall vividly one of the first words I learnt (well the ones that sounds interesting to me anyway) was ‘chikki’. The word sounds like a Chinese word, so I quickly asked the person seating close to me in the cab what that meant and I was told it meant stomach. I was like wow! And kept saying the word to myself chikki! Chikki! Then later changed my rhyme to chicken-chikki (lol)so that I wouldn’t forget the word. Only for me to get to the market and  discover that what we call ‘assorted meat’ in Lagos was also referred to as ‘kayan chikki’ #amazing.

So when I wanted to write this post, I kept wondering what Danshiki meant and what was the story behind the danshiki style because I know danshiki is not a Yoruba word but sounds like a word from the Hausa language. Then I remembered again that while  I was in Kano that  I learnt that ‘Dan’ (not short form of Daniel but an Hausa word) meant ‘son of’.
I discovered this while finding out about the richest man in Africa – Aliko Dangote and was told Dangote meant the Son of Gote.

So I thought Dan- chikki would probably mean ‘son of stomach’ which made some sense since the style is some sort of free top with short sleeves that could hide stomach/pregnancy. *still researching the origin of danshiki*

African fashion (home and abroad) have come to discover the beauty of the danshiki style which can be worn by a male or female. And a fabric have been designed specifically for that style to make it easier for designers  to work with . This fabric can be made into all sorts of stylish outfits and not just the free short sleeve tops.

You can now use the danshiki fabric to make dresses, crop tops, maxi skirts, casual tops etc. If you have an event and the dress code is African, then danshiki is your go-to fabric that you can rock with your partner as it is unisex.

Its comes in different colors with amazing print design all over particularly the neck line which will make you represent your roots anytime especially if you are outside Africa.

Here are some samples of danshiki fabrics that are available for sale. You can call/WhatsApp 07033040834 or 08186961269  to place your order or send a mail to and you get it delivered to you ASAP.










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