Hello everyone,
So I published this post this morning and I discovered that all the content just disappeared. Arrrgh! Devil is a liar!

First I will like to appreciate all our blog followers/readers for taking out time to read every post and to everyone that has found us online to make individual/Asoebi orders of Asooke and various fabrics from us within Nigeria and outside of Nigeria. Thank you so much! We really appreciate your patronage.

A very big thank you also to everyone that has sent us messages and emails to advise and encourage us on how to make the blog better. God bless you!

Today, I will like to focus on a very unique fabric that made a come back into the fabric/fashion scene at the same time with the guipure/cord lace fabric last year but a lot of people didn’t take note of it because the guipure lace outshined it. This fabric is the JUTE LACE FABRIC.

Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibres and is second only to cotton in amount produced and variety of uses of vegetable fibers.
The natural color of the jute fibre is golden as seen when used to make sacks.

This fibre is then processed into a lace fabric and dyed into various colors. The jute lace fabric is closely knitted and most times have guipure at its edge. It can be in a plain monotone color or multicoloured. Some are plain but have multicoloured guipure edges while some others have flowered patterns all over.

Its soft and easy breezy! Which makes it easy to tie as a wrapper if you want to make iro and buba. Especially, if you are petite in stature like me and you hate wearing thick laces because you feel ‘swallowed’ then the jute lace is the perfect fabric for you. ( God knows I hate those heavy laces! #notforme
You can take them to the Mamas) lol

The jute lace can be used to make top and wrapper, top and skirt , boubou and if you wanna ‘slay them’ , just make a short dress out of this fabric and see yourself looking super sexy to that parry.

I will say this fabric is a must have for every woman that loves to feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. It’s affordable, refined and regal! I still don’t know why it didn’t receive so much rave like the guipure lace.

You can also use it as Asoebi for your next event.
But I must state that the length of this fabric is quite short not the usual 60 inches but around 45 to 48 inches so you need to buy the complete 5yards because most people now opt for 4yards fabrics especially for Asoebi.

Here are some samples of the not so common yet beautiful jute lace fabrics for your perusal:







5 thoughts on “JUTE LACE FABRIC (UPDATED)”

  1. Hello Modupe.
    I love the article you wrote about the Jute lace. Would it be possible
    to see pictures of the Jute lace sewn into designs? Would appreciate it tremendously. 👍🏽

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