Hello everyone,

Today is the last day of the month of September but I will not let the month end without the monthly aso- ebi diva post.

The social media has turned the world into a small village connecting people together to become real -life friends, acquaintances and even couples! Yes lots of people meet on social media, fall in love and end up getting married in real life.

My aso-ebi diva today is a beautiful woman I met on social media! Instagram to be precise, married with two kids and she has amazing flair for African wears.

What attracted me to this woman was her sense of style. It’s so astounding! She dresses so elegantly and makes sure she covers the appropriate parts.

She appears sexy in a non- provocative manner in all her outfits. As you all know aso-ebi diva is about showcasing a Fashionista’s sense of style in African fabrics/native wears which our diva for this month wears a lot  and am going to display lots of beautiful pictures of Empress in different fabrics looking super gorgeous with her fascinating beauty.

One thing to also note about this stylish African woman is her flair for exquisite accessories, she uses beautiful accessories to complement her dressing at all times from gorgeous shoes to beads, gold jewelry, headgear , clutch/purses as well as designer’s sunglasses.

Her choice for exotic and unique fabrics also speaks volume on her fashion taste and love for African attires.

One thing that I will not forget to mention is her make-up, Oh my! I like the way she does her make up to nicely match her skin tone in a subtle manner. Less is indeed more.

Now I present to you our beautiful aso-ebi diva for the month of September, the beautiful and ever- stunning Asba Emami:

752607314507672455_310781481 762411411255535667_310781481 770278835317320427_310781481 780986386757396714_310781481 742054133998496509_310781481 781702921436211344_310781481 794352506402973824_310781481 796531609960917852_310781481 804413636290750839_310781481 691830523057089267_310781481 799394095546444259_310781481   763011043492833538_310781481 723036024750943155_310781481 679024119296502465_310781481 676184601182808199_310781481 674600391414328282_310781481

* Taking a bow* Hope her style has inspired you? let me know how you feel  about her sense of style in the comments box Also if you would like to feature as our Aso-ebi diva or you know someone you want us to feature, kindly contact us or send us a Facebook message.

P.S: A very big thank you to Ms Asba Emami for allowing me to feature her on here, looking forward to more outstanding styles from you!




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