Hello my lovelies,

Earlier in the year, I made a trend alert post about the Guipure lace fabric here explaining how ‘hot’ this fabric is at the moment.

The Guipure lace also known as cord lace is still very vibrant on the fashion scene in Nigeria, used by brides as buba or top with aso-oke wrapper for traditional weddings or a complete set of iro and buba for Introduction ceremony.

Wedding guests are also not left out as they use it as aso-ebi, creating beautiful and unique styles ranging from iro and buba to tops as well as dresses. Guipure lace can also be used to make formal outfits/work wears or chic party/ dinner wears.

Recently, I have seen lots of stylish women mix and match the Guipure lace mixed with other fabrics like sequined lace, ankara, brocade even with silk fabric tastefully designed to stand out of the crowd graciously.

The Guipure lace is still the rave of the moment and it’s going to stay long on the Nigerian fashion scene, so if you want to keep up with the trend, go get yourself some yards of Guipure lace and replicate some of these amazing styles for that elegant appearance at your next owambe:















If you replicate any of these designs when you buy your Guipure lace fabric or if you made any lovely style from Guipure lace fabric that you will want to share kindly send your picture to  theasoebijunkie@gmail.com and I will definitely feature you on my social media platforms.




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