Hello everyone,

Welcome to September, it’s a very special month for me because it’s my birth month and I also get to celebrate a special event in my life as well.

So in my celebration mood, am going to make more of fun- like posts this month because am happy. lol

Today, am going to focus on an amazing fabric for celebrants and wedding guests: THE SEQUINED LACE FABRIC.

This fabric is a type of lace fabric that is adorned with sequence all over or sometimes at the edges. Ranging from guipure to tulle, voile, etc, the sequined lace gives you that dazzling effect that makes you stand out in all occasions especially at night/ dinner parties.

This fabric can be used to make second outfit for brides, birthday dress,dinner gowns, prom dresses and even iro and buba.

When you want to purchase sequined fabrics be very careful and try as much as possible to buy quality over quantity because when you buy the cheap fabrics, the sequence tends to pull off the lace as you wash them and can also get scrawled.

Also note that the sequined fabrics are better to be washed inside out with your washing machine and ironing should be done inside out as well.

DO NOT PLACE HOT IRON ON A SEQUINED FABRIC, unless you want to melt all the sequence away.

In my usual manner, i present to you these stylish women in different attires made from the sequined lace fabric:











1-779151405042179113_1020199678 (2)

O sparkles! (In Jenifa’s voice)

If you have an event coming up soon either as a guest or celebrant and you want to make a statement with your style, then the sequined lace fabric is the way to go.

So go ahead, dazzle them as you shine bright like diamonds.





  1. good morning. my traditional wedding is coming up in nov. i choose a color combination of silver and royal blue for the asoebis and gold and royal blue for the celebrant. i dont know if the color combination is ok. i dont even know what to choose for head tie, shoe, and jeweleries. please help me out. thank u

    1. Hello Sandra,

      Congratulations on your wedding in advance, your color mixtures are ok for asoebi and also for yourself.
      For royal blue and gold you can use a royal blue head- tie, coral red beads and red shoe ( if the blouse or buba is gold) or use gold head-tie, gold accessories and gold shoe if the top is royal blue.
      Hope that helps………….
      If you need help in supplying your aso-ebi for your guests, do not hesitate to contact me with your budget.
      Do have a lovely day

      1. thank you for the information. it will really help me. the asoebis that will go on silver with royal blue, what will b their head tie, shoe and jewellery color?

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