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Today’s post is based on a renowned style that is mostly worn in the western part of Nigeria by females especially when you are of marriageable age or planning to get married and also a staple wear  in your wardrobe as a married woman.

In Yoruba land, having a box full of various fabrics used to sew the iro and buba style is a must on the list of things required from the groom by the bride’s family at the traditional marriage.

In fact, in the olden days the box is opened during the traditional wedding ceremony and checked properly to ensure that the groom bought enough clothes for his bride.

Iro and buba is a style that gives you that “madam look” and makes you command respect among men and women in your community.

The iro is just a wrapper that you wrap round your waist; most people use 2yards of the fabric or 21/2 yards if your hips don’t lie. While the buba is the top which is normally round neck with free sleeves and never fitted by the side it could be referred to as a free size top.

But recently, as the fashion industry in Nigeria is improving and different styles are evolving day by day, the Buba top is also not left out and has also been re-invented  to give today’s women a more sophisticated look in the traditional way.

The buba has moved from being a simple free size round neck top to a more stylish top to make Nigerian women look super sexy!  Sewn to fit by the sides with various neck designs like the high neck buba, cowl neck buba, cape buba, lace-edge neck buba, Mono-chrome neck buba, off -shoulder buba etc.

The list of fabrics you can use to sew iro and buba is endless; from all sorts of lace fabric, to chiffon, Ankara, silk, georgette, brocade, cotton fabric, adire etc.

Here are pictures of women in iro and buba style with different designs of the buba top looking super stunning:












So you see, the  iro and buba style is no longer for just bride to be or married woman but for every stylish African woman and fashionistas. Even the kids are not left out because most cuties wear iro and buba on their first birthday anniversary to relate with their African roots.

Another advantage of the iro and buba style is that it can be easily sown by most tailors/ designers within a short duration . So if you need a quick fix  just get to your tailor and ask him/ her to make iro and buba for you.








2 thoughts on “IRO AND BUBA RE-DEFINED”

  1. Lovely post. the buba has come a long way from the classic long sleeve to the short sleeved Oleku and now the Redefinition revolution. Keep it up #TheAsoebijunkie.

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