I made a post on matching colors  some times last year, and that post has the highest comments/questions so far on this blog.

This has made me to discover that color mixtures /combination forms an integral part in event planning.

So i have decided to blog more on wedding color ideas in order to inspire you more in choosing colors plus combining them elegantly to achieve a super stylish look.

Hence, if you are a bride to be in 2014 or you know someone that is making plans for his/her wedding this year, then theasoebijunkie have got you covered for your BIG DAY.
Watch out for more  beautiful color combinations in this series………………………..

cream and army green


yellow and silver


orange and peach


pink and white


mint green and peach


fuschia pink and gold


green and brown


purple and gold


PHOTOCREDIT: http://instagram.com/beautyandthebeholdermakeovers




43 thoughts on “2014 WEDDING COLORS: PART 1”

    1. hello frances, congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.
      Nowadays people go the monochrome way for bridal train outfit that means most people use just one basic color.
      mixing color for your bridal train dresses might not be a good idea. i will advise you to choose just one color for their gowns it could be skyblue, light pink, teal etc but dont mix 2 colors.
      for family wear gold and orange is a good combination.
      congrats once again

      1. Tanx a lot dearie! I like peach for bridal train, den am tinkin of turquoise blue wrapper and peach blouse and headtie for asoebi, confused abt d colour of shoe though! Help me check if my combination is ok!

  1. You welcome frances,

    peach and turquoise blue is a nice combination.
    you can use gold shoe with gold accessories or coral accessories/coral shoe even the turquoise blue shoe and accessories will be beautiful.

    Do have a great day

    1. pls my wedding comes up on DEC I choose 4 colors Peach, tourqiuse, gold & mint green.
      tourqiuse lace and gold headtie for 4 pple. den ,2 of my cousin will join in d Asoebi but d wil wear gold lace and tourqiuse headtie.den me and hubby will wear peach and mint green.White wedding peach,silver and magenta.confused on what color groom and bride family will wear.thanks

  2. good afternoon,am Eunice. i want to find out if i can combine royal blue and orange for my traditional wedding.because my best colour is royal blue and my finance colour is orange.how do i combine this for my wedding and traditional? i will appreciate a response.

    1. Hello Eunice,
      well you can combine orange and royal blue together for your traditional wedding by using orange for your blouse and royal blue for wrapper and headgear ( I hope you have a dark skin tone ). Cheers

  3. so how do i combine this two colours for my wedding? what can the family members put on and the aso ebi?i want my bridal train to be royal blue,i dont know if the chief bridesmaid can use orange? i will appreciate your response,thanks

    1. Your family aso-ebi can be peach and cream or yellow and silver. You can check my posts on asoebi extravaganza for more options.
      For the chief bride’s made , i think orange might be too loud but you can choose cream or gold.
      If you need supply of aso-ebi, you can contact me and i will help you co-ordinate that within your budget.

      1. Hello dear. I want to commend you for this informative sight. Please you have to help me out. My Igbo trad marriage is close by and i choose Peach,yellow and teal for my guest. I chose aqua and Peach for my two sets of asoebi and champagne and yellow for the third asoebi girls. My first outfit is a gold dress. The second is red and gold george. Now i don’t know what to wear for my third outing. I love bright colours and i don’t want to share the same colour with anyone. Thank you.

      2. Hello Chigirlie, congrats on your upcoming wedding. For the third outfit, you can use cobalt blue and silver or purple and gold. Am into fabrics consulting, if you need to buy these fabrics you can contact me also if you have not bought your asoebi i can help coordinate that within your budget

      3. Thanks dear,i am grateful. Am not really a big fan of silver and blue. I worked on this last night and i came up with the following combos. First outing – gold. Second outing – aqua and burnt orange george. Third outing – Yellow and mint, alternatively i will do teal and bugundry. My three sets of asoebi: red george, 2. Peach dress 3.grey and gold scarf. Family colour – pink and blue. Guest – shades of peach and gold. I hope it’s quite cordinated now. Thank you.

  4. Hi, I’m planning my cousin’s wedding,its coming up in march 2015,she’s picked three colors;green,peach and cream. Can you help me with the mixing of the colors for the bridal train,the chief bridesmaid,asoebi,the family and the colors she’ll also put on for the traditional wedding

  5. Morning theasoebijunkie, my name is Halima, my wedding is coming up in April, for my dress I picked royal blue and silver gele but Am so confused on the colors to pick for my guests and my asoebi girls.

    Thank u very much.

  6. hi pls am planning to use orange and silver for my wedding what should i used for d Aso ebi and guest and my bridemaid. Thanks pls its urgent looking forward for your responds.

  7. Hello.Celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary in a few weeks.I’ve got burnt orange lace to dew skirt and blouse.Which colour of gele will go with it,we are choosing between royal blue and torquoise.Please also suggest other colours that can go with the burnt orangr.Thanks

    1. Wow! 50 years wedding anniversary! I tap into such grace. Wishing them more years together in good health.
      Well, royal blue is a good one much better than turquoise on orange.
      Other colors are white, cofee brown and gold.

  8. hi, pls. need your assistance. my sisters wedding would be up soon. we were considering using peach and wine for trad. wedding and cherry red and grey/silver for d white wedding. is it ok and what colours do we then use for the decoration of the hall. your suggeations are higly welcomed.thanks

    1. and also your suggestions on combinations for the cheif brides’ maid, groom, grooms men and bride’s maids. thanks

  9. i also need your suggestions on combinations for the cheif brides’ maid, groom, grooms men and bride’s maids based on the colours earlier stated in my 1st post and colour for the bride and grooms family. thanks

  10. Hi, my name is Fola. Pls I need your advice: my traditional wedding attire is turquoise blue and champagne gold and am at a loss on wat my family and aso ebi colours should be. I ‘ll appreciate your advice, thank you.

    1. Hello Fola, congrats on your upcoming wedding. Turquoise blue and champagne gold is a nice combo. Your parents can use cobalt blue and white and your Asoebi can be magenta monotone combo.

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