Hello People,

So i wore this sequined organza lace to church on Sunday and i just thought to share

My mum actually bought this fabric for me from Balogun market in Lagos and the gele which i so so love!

The lace fabric is beautiful and  laid well on my body for someone that do not like tying wrapper , i wanted to use it to make a skirt and blouse at first but my mum advised me to try and upgrade my iro and buba wardrobe . So i obliged and when i wore it, i totally fell in love with iro and buba and am going to sew more of it (watch this space).

The gele is called Sego!  It’s beautiful, not so hard and easy to tie.

I actually got this style at my first attempt because sometimes i normally tie my gele twice or thrice before getting it right and i did not need to use office pin(my gele tying secret) *covers face*

The other half of the gele is what i used as my’ ipele’ to give a complete Yoruba traditional look.












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