The month of July would be ending in some hours and we would be crossing into August.
From now till December, is always filled with celebrations especially weddings and so Aso- Ebi comes into the picture!
One of the major factors to note in choosing Aso-Ebi is color and how to combine or mix-match them in order to make your big day bright and colorful.
So today, i have got a table of colors that i think will be very useful in making decisions about the colors of Aso-Ebi to be picked.


– aqua blue & baby pink
– aqua blue & wine
– aqua blue & peach
– aqua blue & gold
– army green & yellow
– army green & mint green
– army green & baby pink
– army green & cream
– army green & champagne gold
– black & white
– bronze & butter
– bronze & champagne gold
– bronze & orange
– bronze & turquoise
– bronze & silver
– burgundy & champagne gold
– burgundy & powder blue
– burgundy & cream
– burgundy & peach
– burgundy & golden butter
– coffee brown & carton brown
– coffee brown & gold
– coffee brown & peach
– coffee brown & cream
– coffee brown & pink
– coffee brown & turquoise
– coffee brown & mint green
– coffee brown & orange
– coffee brown & powder blue
– chocolate brown & carton brown
– chocolate brown & gold – chocolate brown & peach
– chocolate brown & cream
– chocolate brown & pink
– deep carton brown & green
– chocolate brown & powder blue
– earth tan & beige
– earth tan & coffee brown
– fuchsia pink & baby pink
– fuchsia pink & wine
– fuchsia pink & peach
– fuchsia pink & sky blue
– fuchsia pink & lilac
– fuchsia pink & mint green
– fuchsia pink & gold
– gold & navy blue
– gold & army green
– gold & wine
– gold & lilac
– gold & burgundy
– gold & silver
– gold & Nigerian green
– lemon green & army green
– lilac & apple green
– lilac & burgundy
– lilac & light pink
– lilac & purple
– mint green & peach
– mint green & army green
– mint green & champagne gold
– navy blue & sky blue
– navy blue & sea green – orange & lemon green
– orange & ivory
– orange & coffee brown
– orange & champagne gold
– olive green & peach
– olive green & wine
– peach & burgundy
– peach & coffee brown
– peach & navy blue
– peach & purple
– peach & bottle green
– peach & royal blue
– peach & silver
– powder blue & navy blue
– powder blue & royal blue
– purple & omo(detergent) blue
– purple & pink
– purple & gold
– purple & silver
– purple & lemon green
– purple & champagne gold
– red & gold
– red & silver
– red & orange
– red & black
– red & navy blue
– royal blue & orange
– royal blue & ivory
– royal blue & sky blue
– sea green & peach
– sea green & navy blue – sea green & silver
– silver & navy blue
– silver & peach
– silver & royal blue
– silver & chocolate brown
– silver & coffee brown
– silver & burgundy
– silver & sky blue
– silver & purple
– silver & turquoise
– silver & army green
– turquoise & baby pink
– turquoise & butter
– turquoise & gold
– turquoise & navy blue
– turquoise & orange
– turquoise blue & silver
– turquoise blue & yellow
– wine & gold
– wine & peach
– wine & silver
– wine & olive green
– wine & pink
– yellow & navy blue
– yellow & wine
– yellow & mint green
– yellow & Nigerian green
– yellow & purple
– yellow & chocolate brown

So get to the market or contact your Aso-Ebi dealer and get on your dancing shoes….
May we experience new beginnings as we step into a new month and may we have much more to celebrate………

PS: You can use google to check on the colours as well


  1. Hello, good job you are doing. Please I need your advice. I have a wedding early september , the gele is margenta & aqua while the lace is plain aqua. My shoe & bag is aqua. What colour of jewelry or beads can I use. Will appreciate your response. Thank you.

  2. Hello, you are doing a good job. Please keep it up! I have a wedding to attend next month & confused over what colour of beads or costume jewelry to use. The ashioke is aqua & magenta while the lace is plain aqua. My shoe & bag is aqua. Will appreciate your response. Thank you.

  3. Great work here.. ….Can i use mint green- blouse, mint green wt coral design-wrapper, coral with mint green design- gele and ipele, gold shoe and purse, mixture of coral and gold as hand fan.
    Mint with coral-designed agbada, and coral cap for the groom. Kindly reply.
    Thank you

  4. Hi my name is Oluwakemi please i need your advice on the colour to use for my wedding. my hubby love white don’t know other bright colour to add to it. cos we are both dark in complexion. and he want a blue suit also. thanks

  5. Please my wedding is November and my colours are Navyblue and Gold …but for me to choose aso ebi for people I cud not get navyblue and gold Ankara in the market…what I got is gold,red and torqoise blue Ankara and gold nd pink strpes ankara. .please what do I do

  6. Please matching orange wrapper and blue blouse for asoebi how will it look like and also what colour of head-tie and shoe will aso ebi wear?

  7. I have a wedding coming up and i want know the variety of options of colour i can match with teal green aso-oke which is the head tie for the reception.

  8. Hello, would like to know what color of
    aso ebi can be used if the couples are
    wearing red&white and also color for the family and couples parents thanks

  9. Hello, I appreciate your time here, really doing a great work. Kindly please advise, my wedding is coming up this December and my favourite colours are – royal blue, purple, peach, silver, coral, olive green and peach. Please i need great colour combination for my engagement (couple) parents and family, also Deocor and white wedding colour combination. Many Thanks!

  10. pls my wedding is coming up sooner, I decided to wear lilac and fuchial pink.
    then purple and champagne gold for the both parents
    so pls what color can I chose for d guests (I. e) for general. what will b d general colour?

  11. Hi. You are really doing a good job . Pls which colours match well with teal blue. (my options are peach, powdered pink, liliac)

      1. Hi aso ebi…
        You are great at what you do..
        Pls can i wear a fushia pink fabric with wine and gold headtie?wearing wine shoes and carrying a multicoloured stoned purse?pls its urgent..
        Thank you so much.

  12. Am chocolate in colour tall and Slim, plz I need a good colour combination that I can use for my traditional marriage and that of my asoebi

  13. Hello,my wedding is coming up soon. My colour is Royal Blue and white. I would like to wear a royal blue lace as Buba and wrapper with white headtie embroided with little touch of blue. Can I use a royal blue shoe and purse with white beads?

  14. hello,I have a wedding to attend and the Ankara is a mixture of red,lemon and yellow
    what colour of shoe and necklace can I use?

  15. Gudam. Compliments of d season. pls wat color of shoe n bag n accessories can be used to combine a bottle green headtie n peach clothes.

  16. hi dearie! pls, am avin a weddin ceremony ds wkend, so I want to ask if my colours complements each other…yellow dress, lemon green headtie, silver shoe and bag wt gold accessories. Thanks

  17. please am confused, my wedding is coming up on the 28Jan and I don’t know what colour to use, I chose blue, red, and gold I don’t know if it can go, please I need your idea

  18. My sister wedding is coming up by April ND we chose to use ash ND pink accessory ND same goes for the groom den D grooms men will use powder blue ND discuss pink den D asoebi ladies will go with pink lace ND silver gele Yl both parent are going for burgundy ND silver am Rili confused Bout Di’s combination I nid ur advise

  19. Hi! Pls, I want 2 ask if these colours complements each oda…yellow dress, lemon-green headtie, silver shoe and bag wit golden jewelleries. Thanks

  20. my wedding is coming up I want to ask can I combined white and seagreen and champagne together another thing is that for my white wedding I want to use Seagrean champagne and purple or which other can go with seagreen and champagne pls

  21. I must confess, you are really doing a great job. pls my wedding is coming and I wil like to use wine, sky blue and cream, so I don’t know if is really a gud combination? thanks!

  22. pls, my wedding is approaching and I want to use leaf green(fabric) with Gold Gele. what colour can I use for the accessories and also which colour for the shoe nd bag?

      1. What is the difference between carton colour and Champagne gold? I have not been at rest because of this since. Can one be used in place of the other?

  23. Hello, great job you are doing. Please I need your advice. My wedding is coming up August and my colour combination is peach, grey and white. Pls does it match. Thanks

  24. Please I chose my wedding colour as Burgundy and powder blue with Champagne as the background colour.How do I work it out to be stunning…What does my brides maid wear and Asoebi and decorations etc

  25. Pls my traditional wedding is coming up dis December my hubby loves you lemon green and I’m a fan of yellow. if we mix d two colors hope it will be fine and how should it be combined. Wat colour should the ORE IYAWO use and d parent. And please Wat colour should be used for the introduction

  26. Pls am wearing cartoon gele and white dress. What jelweries should I use ( gold or silver) or if beads Wat colour. Then I dnt know the colour of shoe and purse. Thanks.pls ur reply is needed urgently as my wedding is in may

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