The month of July would be ending in some hours and we would be crossing into August.
From now till December, is always filled with celebrations especially weddings and so Aso- Ebi comes into the picture!
One of the major factors to note in choosing Aso-Ebi is color and how to combine or mix-match them in order to make your big day bright and colorful.
So today, i have got a table of colors that i think will be very useful in making decisions about the colors of Aso-Ebi to be picked.


– aqua blue & baby pink
– aqua blue & wine
– aqua blue & peach
– aqua blue & gold
– army green & yellow
– army green & mint green
– army green & baby pink
– army green & cream
– army green & champagne gold
– black & white
– bronze & butter
– bronze & champagne gold
– bronze & orange
– bronze & turquoise
– bronze & silver
– burgundy & champagne gold
– burgundy & powder blue
– burgundy & cream
– burgundy & peach
– burgundy & golden butter
– coffee brown & carton brown
– coffee brown & gold
– coffee brown & peach
– coffee brown & cream
– coffee brown & pink
– coffee brown & turquoise
– coffee brown & mint green
– coffee brown & orange
– coffee brown & powder blue
– chocolate brown & carton brown
– chocolate brown & gold – chocolate brown & peach
– chocolate brown & cream
– chocolate brown & pink
– deep carton brown & green
– chocolate brown & powder blue
– earth tan & beige
– earth tan & coffee brown
– fuchsia pink & baby pink
– fuchsia pink & wine
– fuchsia pink & peach
– fuchsia pink & sky blue
– fuchsia pink & lilac
– fuchsia pink & mint green
– fuchsia pink & gold
– gold & navy blue
– gold & army green
– gold & wine
– gold & lilac
– gold & burgundy
– gold & silver
– gold & Nigerian green
– lemon green & army green
– lilac & apple green
– lilac & burgundy
– lilac & light pink
– lilac & purple
– mint green & peach
– mint green & army green
– mint green & champagne gold
– navy blue & sky blue
– navy blue & sea green – orange & lemon green
– orange & ivory
– orange & coffee brown
– orange & champagne gold
– olive green & peach
– olive green & wine
– peach & burgundy
– peach & coffee brown
– peach & navy blue
– peach & purple
– peach & bottle green
– peach & royal blue
– peach & silver
– powder blue & navy blue
– powder blue & royal blue
– purple & omo(detergent) blue
– purple & pink
– purple & gold
– purple & silver
– purple & lemon green
– purple & champagne gold
– red & gold
– red & silver
– red & orange
– red & black
– red & navy blue
– royal blue & orange
– royal blue & ivory
– royal blue & sky blue
– sea green & peach
– sea green & navy blue – sea green & silver
– silver & navy blue
– silver & peach
– silver & royal blue
– silver & chocolate brown
– silver & coffee brown
– silver & burgundy
– silver & sky blue
– silver & purple
– silver & turquoise
– silver & army green
– turquoise & baby pink
– turquoise & butter
– turquoise & gold
– turquoise & navy blue
– turquoise & orange
– turquoise blue & silver
– turquoise blue & yellow
– wine & gold
– wine & peach
– wine & silver
– wine & olive green
– wine & pink
– yellow & navy blue
– yellow & wine
– yellow & mint green
– yellow & Nigerian green
– yellow & purple
– yellow & chocolate brown

So get to the market or contact your Aso-Ebi dealer and get on your dancing shoes….
May we experience new beginnings as we step into a new month and may we have much more to celebrate………

PS: You can use google to check on the colours as well


  1. Pls check this out for me: sky blue lace with turquoise blue gele, shoe, bag and accessories. Can I use it? Thanks

  2. Please i have a Gold cloth dt has a light colour at its tip. i would love to use red accessories, red gele with Gold purse n Gold shoe is the combination okay???… Plz reply soon like now

  3. hi, thanks for the colour information. please what colour of purse, shoe and fan can i use on a silver aso oke with turquoise blue embroidery and turquoise blue buba? can i use red purse, shoe and fan?

  4. You are doing a wonderful job here, kudos to u. Pls, my weeding is coming soon am dark skin and my husband is fair. Am using lialac and wine colour. Hope d combination is nice and wot is d third colour dt wl go along with it. Pls, I need urgent reply

  5. kudos for the well done job. Please can my husband wear cream suit/ivory colour, mint green shirt and peach bow tie and peach pocket square? because mint green and peach are the colour of the day.

  6. M looking 4 fine hair combination in attachement for my forth coming party and m fair in complexion can this two combination fit me brown colour at the root and gold colour at the tip but m mostly interested in using gold colour(grateful to get a reply pls tnks)

      1. Thanks for your prompt response, l really do appreciate it. Please l just want to know if it is proper to wear a wedge shoe on buba and iro or on a long gown.

  7. Good day madam, You are realy solving problems and putting smiles on lots of intending couples. I suggest you try to include the pix colour infront of each combination. thnks.

  8. Good job you’ve done here! I really admire the effort you put up in typing all these stuff.
    Pls my wedding is coming up next year, and my groom want to go on cream and gold, i actually wanted sky blue and baby pink, what color do you think will be cool for my girls, and the background decoration? Am so confused with the whole thing

    1. Hello Sandy,
      Congrats on your upcoming wedding.
      Your girls could use pink and gold
      Decoration can be blue and cream
      That way you have infused your colors and that of your groom in your wedding

  9. Very awesome…..nice 1 dear…@least wit dis i can plan my traditional marriage perfectly witout any stress…thank u n God bless u more…amen!!

  10. Gud evening ma. I appreciate ur gud work here. Pls my trad nd white is coming up soon. And my colours are cyan, pink, Silver nd peach. How is d colour nd how do i combine it

  11. Waow,you are doin a great job, more grease to ur elbow. Pls my wedding is coming up in January 2016 and i pick Sea green, fuschia pink and champagne for my friends.But my hubby likes Deep purple for us, can we wear deep purple wit Fushia pink headtie. Hope d color wil not contradict ,So what will be d color of the assessories (beads, shoes and purse) Thanks

    1. Hello Ruks,

      Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. The colors you picked for your friends are Fab. But I will advise you use deep purple and champagne or deep purple and white instead of fuschia and you can use gold accessories if using champagne or silver accessories if using white.

  12. Thanks for d gud work, i pick fuscia pink,SEA green and champagne for my friends, deep purple and fushia pink for d couple. WHat wil be d color of the beads? GOD BLESS

    1. Hello Ruks,

      Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. The colors you picked for your friends are Fab. But I will advise you use deep purple and champagne or deep purple and white instead of fuschia and you can use gold accessories if using champagne or silver accessories if using white.

  13. Hello….My wedding is coming up in march 2016 I want to know if I can use sky blue gele on baby pink lace for my friends

  14. Would like to wear a tilt green lace and yellow gele..what color of shoe and purse can I match it with.thanks

  15. Please Can i match a red and white tulle? i have a white tulle iro so im thinking of getting a red tulle material to match it . if yes , how do i combine the shoe , gele and accessories . will appreciate your response

      1. Hello ma,i really appreciate ur gud work. Am so confuse now,Ma as a black girl; wat colour of lace and asoki should I wear 4 my traditional marriage cos too many colours coming from sisters and friends……Thank you ma looking 4ward 4 ur reply

  16. pls I have a wedding and the aso ebi is having milk color blue and pink. can I wear a shoe having milk color with touch of chocolate brown and use pink gele

  17. Hello and thanks for this.please I have a party coming up in January and the head gear is white with gold stripesbut white being the main colour. Can I use wine/burgundy dress with it or which colour please.

  18. Please, which of these combinations is better:

    1. A blue dress, yellow head gear, yellow necklace, black shoes and black purse.

    2. A blue dress, yellow head gear, yellow necklace, gold shoes and gold purse.

    If both are bad combos, how do you suggest I make amendments?

  19. Good job, more grace. please what colour of shoes and beads can use for a teal green iro and buba and a coral gele

  20. please i have a party and the asoebi color is teal green lace and coral gele( aso-oke), can i use a wine color accessories and shoe

  21. hi, keep up d gud work.. pls how can i accessorise a peach cloth wiv mint green gear… ( i mean d color of shoe and bag wiv d type of necklace to use wiv it)

  22. Hello
    Please, which of these combinations is better:

    1. A blue dress, yellow head gear, yellow necklace, black shoes and black purse.
    2. A blue dress, yellow head gear, yellow necklace, gold shoes and gold purse.

    If both are bad choices, are there better options?

  23. hello ma my wedding is coming up by April 2016, my fiance’s color is tomato leaf green pls wat colour can my family use for lace & Ankara , my Chief bride’s maid, coffetii, flower girls…am totally confused..

  24. hi , Complement of the season .Please. which colour is more suitable for INTRODUCTION. with the combination of gele ,beads & shoe n bag.

  25. Hello ma, u are doing a great job.Pls what colour of shoe and bag can I use on a purple lace and yellow gele.And is gold accessories or jewellery ok.Thanks

    1. Hello your blessing, if she’s can use a blue dress with a milk color fascinator/hat and if it’s native she can use a blue fabric with a cream headtie. Don’t use ash color please

  26. you are really doing a great job… please I have an introduction ceremony next month and the gele is turquoise blue please wat colour of dress can I wear with it????

  27. hi, this is Adeola,how are u, hop u are okay.
    pls am using Golden- brown & off White for my occasions .pls which colour can my friends use to go along with my .

    1. gd day ma, pls my introduction is coming-up in 2-months time.pls which combination can I use. I wants something simple but unique. along with aso oke. Thanks 4 been there. I would need a reply soon. THANKS.

  28. Hi, I want to use emerald green and champagne gold on my wedding.what other colour can I add to it? What colour is best for the bridal train and chief brides maid.thanks

      1. Good morning @theasoebijunkie.

        Thanks for helping out, been reading through.

        Pls I have a major problem oooo. My wedding is just around the corner. Im light in complexion while my fiance is dark. We have chosen white and gold for our traditional attire. But right now I’m so confused on which color to choose for the aso. Ebi, my friends, families, bridesmaids, groomsmen.

        Can you come to my aid.

  29. Hi,pls my wedding is coming up soon, my hubby loves blue and I love purple.how do we combine these colours for the wedding. pls what do my parents and his wear.Thanks and God bless

  30. Hello my name is amara, my traditional wedding is coming up soon. My cloth is lemon green. I am thinking that my aso ebi should wear red and silver gele. Pls is this combination nice if not give me ur suggestion.

      1. I didn’t get your reply in time so I changed my dress to fuchsia pink George. My aso ebi will wear a gold lace and a red head tie. The problem now is that I want to use a a silver or white head tie but people think I should use a pink head tie instead. My neckpiece is white pls advice me on what’s best to wear

  31. goodmorning MA, hop your weekend is sweet. thanks for being there for us.pls my introduction is coming up am light in complexion which colour of cloth & accessories can I combined. thanks. I would need a reply very soon.

    1. hi, thanks always ,am light in complexion n my fiance is dark in complexion. d clothes to use with d combination of aso-oke. am d girl.thanks
      I need a reply very soon because my introduction is next month.

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