The month of July would be ending in some hours and we would be crossing into August.
From now till December, is always filled with celebrations especially weddings and so Aso- Ebi comes into the picture!
One of the major factors to note in choosing Aso-Ebi is color and how to combine or mix-match them in order to make your big day bright and colorful.
So today, i have got a table of colors that i think will be very useful in making decisions about the colors of Aso-Ebi to be picked.


– aqua blue & baby pink
– aqua blue & wine
– aqua blue & peach
– aqua blue & gold
– army green & yellow
– army green & mint green
– army green & baby pink
– army green & cream
– army green & champagne gold
– black & white
– bronze & butter
– bronze & champagne gold
– bronze & orange
– bronze & turquoise
– bronze & silver
– burgundy & champagne gold
– burgundy & powder blue
– burgundy & cream
– burgundy & peach
– burgundy & golden butter
– coffee brown & carton brown
– coffee brown & gold
– coffee brown & peach
– coffee brown & cream
– coffee brown & pink
– coffee brown & turquoise
– coffee brown & mint green
– coffee brown & orange
– coffee brown & powder blue
– chocolate brown & carton brown
– chocolate brown & gold – chocolate brown & peach
– chocolate brown & cream
– chocolate brown & pink
– deep carton brown & green
– chocolate brown & powder blue
– earth tan & beige
– earth tan & coffee brown
– fuchsia pink & baby pink
– fuchsia pink & wine
– fuchsia pink & peach
– fuchsia pink & sky blue
– fuchsia pink & lilac
– fuchsia pink & mint green
– fuchsia pink & gold
– gold & navy blue
– gold & army green
– gold & wine
– gold & lilac
– gold & burgundy
– gold & silver
– gold & Nigerian green
– lemon green & army green
– lilac & apple green
– lilac & burgundy
– lilac & light pink
– lilac & purple
– mint green & peach
– mint green & army green
– mint green & champagne gold
– navy blue & sky blue
– navy blue & sea green – orange & lemon green
– orange & ivory
– orange & coffee brown
– orange & champagne gold
– olive green & peach
– olive green & wine
– peach & burgundy
– peach & coffee brown
– peach & navy blue
– peach & purple
– peach & bottle green
– peach & royal blue
– peach & silver
– powder blue & navy blue
– powder blue & royal blue
– purple & omo(detergent) blue
– purple & pink
– purple & gold
– purple & silver
– purple & lemon green
– purple & champagne gold
– red & gold
– red & silver
– red & orange
– red & black
– red & navy blue
– royal blue & orange
– royal blue & ivory
– royal blue & sky blue
– sea green & peach
– sea green & navy blue – sea green & silver
– silver & navy blue
– silver & peach
– silver & royal blue
– silver & chocolate brown
– silver & coffee brown
– silver & burgundy
– silver & sky blue
– silver & purple
– silver & turquoise
– silver & army green
– turquoise & baby pink
– turquoise & butter
– turquoise & gold
– turquoise & navy blue
– turquoise & orange
– turquoise blue & silver
– turquoise blue & yellow
– wine & gold
– wine & peach
– wine & silver
– wine & olive green
– wine & pink
– yellow & navy blue
– yellow & wine
– yellow & mint green
– yellow & Nigerian green
– yellow & purple
– yellow & chocolate brown

So get to the market or contact your Aso-Ebi dealer and get on your dancing shoes….
May we experience new beginnings as we step into a new month and may we have much more to celebrate………

PS: You can use google to check on the colours as well


  1. Pls can i take an aso ebi color of yellow, green and blue then cream color as background color

  2. hello asoebijunkie, wine skirt, red top and wine gele with silver accessories is that a good match. Please its urgent before color disaster happens

  3. Gud, pm. Pls am getting married Sept. I want to know if I can use this combinations- Gold, Coral and teal? Pls what colour combination can my parents wear?

  4. pls, can red native bead n red sandals go with sea green gown? for my traditional wedding this month.

  5. Pls, apart from white colour, what other
    colour of dress can I use to match/combine a glo-green colour of gele?

  6. Gud morning ma, Pls help me wit this colour, my brother weedin is oct d bride family choose arsh n purple while the groom family is deep blue and baby pink.

  7. @asoebijunkie, uve really done a great work by putting this up! May God bless ur handwork. Pls my wedding is coming up in two months times….I av problems in combining colors. My initial thought was to use three colors which are aqua green, lilac and peach, but later maintain just two colors which are aqua green and lilac …bcos I was scared of using much colors on my white wedding …. My fiance is wearing beige blazer, white shirt, and black now tie on black trouser. My groom’s men are wearing black suits white white shirt and aqua tie and lilac tie . Am not using flower girls and pages boys except little bride and ring bearer. my bridesmaids are using complete lilac dress while the rest are using aqua green….now my problems is how to combine colors for my bridefriends…they are using aqua green Gele but the native wear colors is what I DNT know…do u think lilac chord lace goes with aqua green Gele?…
    Secondly, my traditional is on Friday and my fiance is wearing complete buba, SOKOTO and agbada all in beige while am wearing complete aqua green, I DNT know the color my bridesfriends are to wear..(native wear and gele)…what decorations (colors) can I used for my reception..it holding on the field. Thanks ma..waiting earnestly for ur reply…

    1. Hi Aso ebi,pls my wedding is coming up soon and I’m so confuse about colours and I don’t want I too know pple to come and spoil my day.im using white and burgundy….pls help big colours for my ore iyawos,both parent for engagement and reception,my siblings then lastly for general,please ,God bless you.
      On Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 4:27 PM THE ASO-EBI JUNKIE! wrote:
      > Ay commented: “Please, can I combine army green, black and red?” >

  8. Hello,good evening..my wedding is just around the corner and my colors are peach and coral,mint green 4 engagement.any color ideas for bridemaids

  9. Help! help! Help!
    Please I want a vintage themed wedding and thinking of going for (peach, champagne and a bit of lilac/purple) but don’t know how well the aso oke design would go and don’t even know how a guy can rock that colour. Looking forward to your reply/suggestion
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  10. please I need a help my traditional marriage colour is sea grea, red, gold that’s her color buy as a man I don’t even know that color that wil match me and the design please can someone help me

  11. Happy new year ma’am, I really don’t know how to match colors please help. Am thinking of combining turquoise blue and red or light blue and red for me and hubby but what color will both family use cos am not doing aso ebi. Thanks.

  12. Hello. could u pls assist me on my colour combo, me and hubby wil be wearing White and Champange gold for our trad, while family and friends wld be wearing champagne gold and emerald green. pls wat is ur take on the combo and wat colour of shoe can i wear? thank u.

  13. Good morning ma .please ihave lilac lace. I need colour of gele and accessories that will go with it.thanks

  14. Please, can royal blue headtie blend with coral headtie for wedding Please, l need an urgent reply. Thanks and God bless you

  15. Hmm it looks like your website consumed our very first remark (it ended up being particularly long) so i imagine I’ll simply conclude what I did written in addition to point out, I’m completely experiencing your blog.

  16. Top of the hour to you,
    Please, what Color is most suitable for the couple in a traditional wedding where the family chose olive green and tomato red as the color of the day?
    Also, which color should parents of the couple use?
    Thank you.

  17. pls ma my wedding is on d way
    the couple dress wine and cream colour
    and am peach and olive give for ore iyawo

  18. I choose this colour combination for my wedding complete grey lace for myself while my fiance grey shedda and my friends grey and lilac headteacher does it March. note m fair my fiance is dark ur suggestion is needed

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