The Concept

For some people probably Non-Nigerians, they would be wondering what’s this Aso-ebi all about; so i would like to do a brief introduction of the term ‘’Aso-ebi’’ for clarity of the subject matter.

Aso-ebi is a Yoruba word meaning ‘family cloth/fabric; It’s a fabric used to identify a family mostly the close family of the celebrant in a party. Be it weddings, birthdays, house warming parties aside from the usual colour code given to guest, the close family will always pick a uniform material to wear to the event to signify unity and oneness in the family.

Over the time, Aso-ebi bug extends from family to close friends and later to all invitees or guests.In some settings, the immediate family Aso-ebi would  differ from that of the  friends of the celebrant  and  another fabric could be  sold to ’other’ invited guests.The price of fabrics and quality always vary depending on the fashion taste of the celebrant 

Aso-ebi could be in form of fabrics like Ankara, cotton lace, French lace or just the traditional headgear(gele/aso-oke) women and cap for men.Image

 In most Nigerian weddings the colour and fabric of Aso-ebi of the two families always differ i.e the grooms family aso-ebi would be different from that of the bride’s family.


Wearing a certain Aso ebi identifies the group of wearers and you get ‘compensated’ with some sort of special souvenirs.*wink*

 But most importantly for me,i think Aso-ebi is just an expression of family pride, unity and friendship!



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