Hello everyone, my post today will be based on the Adire fabric.

Most times when we are out to pick asoebi, all kinds of fabrics come to our mind;Lace fabrics, Ankara fabrics, Velvet , Silk, Chiffon and probably Brocade for men,but there are lots of beautiful fabrics in the market that we need to explore, one of which is ADIRE!

Yes Adire , same old Adire ( you read right) although a lot of people see this fabric as ol’ skool it’s actually super cool. I have seen few people use it as ipele and gele at weddings and it was really nice on them

Adire is purely an African fabric and its a beautiful one especially when designed to suit the occasion its been used for. Adire actually means tie and dye, it is a resist dye (most times cotton)fabric traditionally with indigo in order to create patterns and designs by treating certain parts of the fabric in a way to prevent them from absorbing dye. it’s mostly used by the Yoruba.

There are different types of Adire:


I remember making my first Adire by myself in JSS 2 or JSS 3 at Holy Child College (up school) as a fine art student. We also made another one in clothing and textile class , I used Teru material think English name is Calico about a yard or two and it came out really nice.

Adire is available at most markets in Lagos but Abeokuta(Ogun State) is the haven of Adire,there they can make special designs for you in large quantity for aso-ebi and there are some beautiful ones from Mali that you can also get in the market. So , if you really want a unique fabric for your next owambe, you can choose Adire or Kampala as some others call it.

Its affordable, colorful,beautiful and would make your guest really  stand out.

Here are some beautiful Adire samples and beautiful people rocking this amazing fabric:











Oyinbo sef no wan carry






Happy new year once again, may the New Year open new opportunities to us all and give us cause to merry and party.
For me, 2013 has been a remarkable year and I have lots to thank God for and also for this blog, am more grateful to God, my followers, readers and people who have liked us on face book and followed us on twitter, thank you for each time I make a post and you take out time to read and comment.
The Aso-Ebi junkie is my own little to space where I share my views on Nigerian fabrics and the fashion industry as a whole.
This year, the Aso-Ebi junkie would be delivering a richer content and try to increase our number of posts (suggestions are welcome please)
We would continue with our Aso-Ebi diva series and make it much better.
Also am going to put up more ‘selfies’ i.e more pictures of myself in African fabrics and attires for parties and particularly Sundays because I mostly wear natives on Sundays.
Am also going to introduce how to use formal wears as Aso-Ebi and issue style tips on tying gele and types of accessories that can be used with a particular fabric etc
This year, we would also have lots of give aways and gifts for our readers on this blog as well as sales of fabrics would be on from time to time too.
If you sell fabrics or you are into designing; We would also like to feature your product by reviewing your products or shop.
That’s part of our plans for 2014; we hope to unfold more as the year goes by…

Thank you


The month of November is drawing close to its end and of course we will definitely not miss our monthly Aso-ebi diva series.
Today our Aso-ebi diva is a fabulous woman; Biodun Adebutu Dosunmu.
Biodun was my classmate at the University of Lagos and all through the time we were in class together all I can say about this diva is that she is intelligent, beautiful, kind-hearted, fabulous and a very smart lady.
I would also like to add that Biodun is a fashion designer and she had a fashion outfit somewhere in Surulere, Lagos when she was in Nigeria and she actually made a dress for me at that time that was well-tailored and really nice.
Abi( short form of Abiodun) has a great fashion sense and looks very trendy in our African fabrics, so I just had to feature her as an Aso-ebi diva here for you all.
Even though Biodun is now married and a mum to 4 boys, she still looks super sexy with a gorgeous body.
One thing that makes this diva stand out is that she knows how to combine colours as well as accessories to match her skin color very well.
So please join me *clapping* as I present to you our Aso-ebi diva for the month of November 2013; the beautiful, elegant, stylish and trendy Abioun Adebutu-Dosunmu


Purple ankara with red gele
I love her blouse and short skirt.
Lovely style and did you notice the simple accessories and her shoes……….


Abi and her friends in the Aso-ebi
They all look elegant and beautiful


White&Gold lace with gold accessories
she looks so radiant here


Abi and her friends again in the Aso-ebi


Abi looks really hot here with a lilac lace and purple Gele
Did you notice her accessories too, this diva is a show stopper!


Abi and her friends in the Aso-ebi
you can see how others also accessorize the same fabric.


i love this picture. Naija women are pretty


This picture also caught my attention
Am loving the Gold and red combo. Super Hawt is the word!


Too much! *dats all* lol


cream and blue lace with blue headgear


really nice combination


Gold and army green combination


Mint green and peach lace with peach gele


I just her style here, simply elegant


gele skentele………


she is so beautiful…………………….


I love her neck piece here

So that’s our African Queen as well as Aso- Ebi diva and junkie for the month of November.

*taking a bow*

You can share your thoughts about her style in our comments box.

Please watch out for our next diva for the month of December as we prepare for the yuletide season. Also if you would like to feature as our Aso-ebi diva or you know someone you want us to feature kindly contact us or send us a Facebook message.

P.S: A very big thank you to Biodun for allowing us to feature her and we encourage her to keep being stylish and elegant.




I moved to the south-south early this year and one style I notice and love about their men is the etibo native wear.

Most of the men wear this on weekends; to work on Fridays, to church on Sundays and also to parties as aso-ebi .

The etibo native wear is most times made from a plain material that could be mainly cotton or a mix of cotton and polyester .

The etibo style to me is highly sophisticated and has a way of making men have a royal look especially when they add the walking stick to it.

Another accessory to this style is the fedora/pillbox hat (by the way I learnt the hat was inherited from the British slave masters during the slave trade), it makes the style complete for any outing.

Here are some samples of the etibo native wear  from the exquisite peter okoye and lola omotayo’s traditional wedding in Lagos:










The lovely couple – Mr and Mrs okoye


*photo credit:*

We at TAJ (The Aso-ebi Junkie) wish the okoyes a blissful married life and many more years together.




Hello everyone, Barka da sallah to all my muslim friends and happy holidays.

Previously I did a post on matching color combinations for aso-ebi in which I discuss extensively on how to pick and combine colors for your party outfit. I also listed some colors that you can combine together to achieve a great look, but later discovered that most people do not know these colors and therefore cannot identify them by their names

So I have decided to show us some color palettes with names in order to help us know what each color looks like.

These color palettes would guide and help us in making fast and better decisions as we choose our aso-ebi.


imagesCA6LE33X          imagesCA8QRH3T

imagesCAAKHNZV      imagesCAFI0HG6  imagesCAUAKW2P

So there you have it, pick your colors and get your groove on………….



The month of July would be ending in some hours and we would be crossing into August.
From now till December, is always filled with celebrations especially weddings and so Aso- Ebi comes into the picture!
One of the major factors to note in choosing Aso-Ebi is color and how to combine or mix-match them in order to make your big day bright and colorful.
So today, i have got a table of colors that i think will be very useful in making decisions about the colors of Aso-Ebi to be picked.


- aqua blue & baby pink
- aqua blue & wine
- aqua blue & peach
- aqua blue & gold
- army green & yellow
- army green & mint green
- army green & baby pink
- army green & cream
- army green & champagne gold
- black & white
- bronze & butter
- bronze & champagne gold
- bronze & orange
- bronze & turquoise
- bronze & silver
- burgundy & champagne gold
- burgundy & powder blue
- burgundy & cream
- burgundy & peach
- burgundy & golden butter
- coffee brown & carton brown
- coffee brown & gold
- coffee brown & peach
- coffee brown & cream
- coffee brown & pink
- coffee brown & turquoise
- coffee brown & mint green
- coffee brown & orange
- coffee brown & powder blue
- chocolate brown & carton brown
- chocolate brown & gold - chocolate brown & peach
- chocolate brown & cream
- chocolate brown & pink
- deep carton brown & green
- chocolate brown & powder blue
- earth tan & beige
- earth tan & coffee brown
- fuchsia pink & baby pink
- fuchsia pink & wine
- fuchsia pink & peach
- fuchsia pink & sky blue
- fuchsia pink & lilac
- fuchsia pink & mint green
- fuchsia pink & gold
- gold & navy blue
- gold & army green
- gold & wine
- gold & lilac
- gold & burgundy
- gold & silver
- gold & Nigerian green
- lemon green & army green
- lilac & apple green
- lilac & burgundy
- lilac & light pink
- lilac & purple
- mint green & peach
- mint green & army green
- mint green & champagne gold
- navy blue & sky blue
- navy blue & sea green - orange & lemon green
- orange & ivory
- orange & coffee brown
- orange & champagne gold
- olive green & peach
- olive green & wine
- peach & burgundy
- peach & coffee brown
- peach & navy blue
- peach & purple
- peach & bottle green
- peach & royal blue
- peach & silver
- powder blue & navy blue
- powder blue & royal blue
- purple & omo(detergent) blue
- purple & pink
- purple & gold
- purple & silver
- purple & lemon green
- purple & champagne gold
- red & gold
- red & silver
- red & orange
- red & black
- red & navy blue
- royal blue & orange
- royal blue & ivory
- royal blue & sky blue
- sea green & peach
- sea green & navy blue - sea green & silver
- silver & navy blue
- silver & peach
- silver & royal blue
- silver & chocolate brown
- silver & coffee brown
- silver & burgundy
- silver & sky blue
- silver & purple
- silver & turquoise
- silver & army green
- turquoise & baby pink
- turquoise & butter
- turquoise & gold
- turquoise & navy blue
- turquoise & orange
- turquoise blue & silver
- turquoise blue & yellow
- wine & gold
- wine & peach
- wine & silver
- wine & olive green
- wine & pink
- yellow & navy blue
- yellow & wine
- yellow & mint green
- yellow & Nigerian green
- yellow & purple
- yellow & chocolate brown

So get to the market or contact your Aso-Ebi dealer and get on your dancing shoes….
May we experience new beginnings as we step into a new month and may we have much more to celebrate………

PS: You can use google to check on the colours as well


Aso-ebi junkie talks generally about fabrics, weddings, materials e.t.c. but we are also on about parties, celebrations and occasions.
So today am basically dedicating this post to a very special person in my life.
Am celebrating, the first fruit of my body, the beginning of my strength, the one that opened my womb and made milk flow from my bosom for the first time, my first child and first daughter: Daniella Kofoworola, Oluwa tamilore as she clocks ten today!
Whenever I remember the story around the birth of Daniella, I always chuckle and smile to myself because it reminds of how naïve and innocent I was at that time.
But its 10 whole years now, and all I can say is Thank you lord.
Kofo is an amazing child, over the years she has grown into a quiet, conservative, highly intelligent, matured and beautiful girl.
Tammy- tam-tam as I fondly call her is actually a mini me (she looks so much like me) 7423_1250824152124_4923162_n
and am honored to be called her mother. She also loves God and can tell you about her king-Jesus!
Daniella as you add to your years today, I pray that the lord would continue to lead you in His path. Increase your wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You shall continue to be the head all the days of your life and always stand out for good in Jesus name.









Thank God it’s Monday (I wish I actually meant
Weekends and ‘owambes’ are all over until the next five days when another Aso-ebi would be the order of the day and we would all be gorgeously dressed for one ‘parry’ or the other dancing away all the stress of the week! That’s why today’s post is to the celebrant of the next occasion or anyone planning to celebrate an event soon.
Picking aso-ebi for your event or party mostly depends on the personal prefence of the celebrant.
The style, taste, age, and sometimes societal class of the celebrant determine the kind of fabric chosen.
Most elderly people prefer lace material(cotton or organza) while young ones or youths like to experiment with fabrics like Ankara, kente, adire, sample lace, velvet and soft lace generally and most male guest prefer fabrics like brocade, ‘atiku’, polished lace etc.
Any which way, comfort and affordability should be key factors to consider when you want to pick a fabric which will be a uniform wear at your special event.
Some other factors to consider before choosing Aso-ebi are:
• The age bracket of your guests
• The societal/financial class of guests
• The theme of your party
• The color code of your party
• The kind of event you are celebrating

Important points to note also include:
The price of the fabric:
This is of great importance, make sure your Aso-ebi package is affordable for all guests or you can choose different fabrics at different prices for different people.
Make sure the fabric is of good quality and genuine.
No one likes to purchase a material/fabric that would tear or fade off after the first wash. Remember the fabric would always represent you in the mind of your guest even after the event.
Uniqueness:Make sure your fabric is not common, try as much as possible to select a unique fabric not some cloth you would find all over the street the next day.
Tip: it would increase your sales (people love unique and beautiful things naturally)
Pattern/design:Make sure your fabric design is not too bogus or loud. Such designs do not get high level of patronage anymore.
Distribution:Make sure you have a good distribution channel in place for your Aso-ebi so that everyone interested gets their fabric.
Most Aso-ebi vendors nowadays, do home delivery where your fabric/package is being delivered to you at a convenient address with the option of paying cash on delivery.
If you are not engaging the service of any vendor, a trusted friend or relative could also help in the distribution.
Timing is very important (as they say; time is money)
Make sure your Aso-ebi gets to your invitees on time!
Personally, I would say a month to D-day or you could also distribute them immediately after your invitation card is out. So that you guests can get them ready before that day in case the tailor needs to make some adjustment *winks*
















Hi all, been a while. I have been very busy lately moving from one location to another………………………..
I have been living in the northern part of Nigeria, Kano precisely for about 7 years and enjoyed my stay until the Boko haram insurgence surfaced. Life has since been unbearable and we all lived in fear.
So I started talking to God about moving out of the north and few weeks ago I was transferred to the south! Praise God!
Enough about my relocation gist…., now to today’s post;

Ankara fabrics are vibrant patterns of very rich colorful designs. It is mostly made of 100% cotton or cotton poly material. Originally the wax resist dyed fabrics were exported to the Gold Coast and spread over West Africa into Central Africa and were largely produced in Nigeria. They became extremely popular over time and were initially worn as every day casual outfits customized to suit the designs of the person wearing it.


As I thought of writing this post, the wedding ceremony of my friend Sunday and his heartthrob shade came to my mind.
Sunday and shade picked a purple with gold and white design Ankara material
href=””>only me

I made a dress with a golden organza material as my bolero/jacket

me and joke<a

*With some friends

with d bride

*with the bride

What’s your take on the aso- ebi?

The Ankara material is very versatile that’s why lots of young people like to use it as aso-ebi.
Apart from being affordable, you can mix and match with other materials depending on your creativity.

I also love the pic below; it’s a brown and white colored Ankara material. So beautiful…………….



Exactly one month today, the 23rd of March 2013 was a remarkable one, aside from being my Mum’s birthday, My very good friend – IFE tied the knots with  her Boaz (KOLADE)

All roads led to Lokoja ,Kogi state (beautiful place by the way) and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Ife’s Aso-ebi was French lace and George fabric plus our traditional headgear (Gele)


the material

Her choice of colour depicts her personality- Red (sexy and confident) and Aqua Blue(reliable and sensitive to the need of others).

Let’s see the evidence:




I used my George material to make a skirt, you can also tie it as a wrapper while some others made skirt and wrapper from the fabric.



I sneaked out of the church service to snap this. God have Mercy on me……


Made new friends in  Lokoja-Toyin, Shola and Kemi (lovely people)



All the ladies looking super hot in red with the couple

The French lace was well embroidered, soft and beautiful
The George material with silver trimmings was elegant.
The Gele was on point and really a head turner!

What’s your take on the fabrics and colour combination(in Jenifa’s voice) ?

PS; once again, I would like to wish Ife and Kolade a happy married life.