Thank God it’s Friday people,

The weekend starts today, so I thought to organize a small web print party *winks* on here to celebrate various kinds of prints on different kind of fabrics in preparation for the weekend.

So grab your drink or juice and let’s get down to the festivity of African prints as we explore pictures of fabulous women turning up in prints looking super sexy and extremely gorgeous: 

















Hope you had fun viewing all those beautiful prints to inspire you more in choosing stylish prints for your next outfit? Your comments are highly appreciated.

Enjoy yourselves and have a great weekend ahead.




Hello lovelies,

Today’s post is based on a renowned style that is mostly worn in the western part of Nigeria by females especially when you are of marriageable age or planning to get married and also a staple wear  in your wardrobe as a married woman.

In Yoruba land, having a box full of various fabrics used to sew the iro and buba style is a must on the list of things required from the groom by the bride’s family at the traditional marriage.

In fact, in the olden days the box is opened during the traditional wedding ceremony and checked properly to ensure that the groom bought enough clothes for his bride.

Iro and buba is a style that gives you that “madam look” and makes you command respect among men and women in your community.

The iro is just a wrapper that you wrap round your waist; most people use 2yards of the fabric or 21/2 yards if your hips don’t lie. While the buba is the top which is normally round neck with free sleeves and never fitted by the side it could be referred to as a free size top.

But recently, as the fashion industry in Nigeria is improving and different styles are evolving day by day, the Buba top is also not left out and has also been re-invented  to give today’s women a more sophisticated look in the traditional way.

The buba has moved from being a simple free size round neck top to a more stylish top to make Nigerian women look super sexy!  Sewn to fit by the sides with various neck designs like the high neck buba, cowl neck buba, cape buba, lace-edge neck buba, Mono-chrome neck buba, off -shoulder buba etc.

The list of fabrics you can use to sew iro and buba is endless; from all sorts of lace fabric, to chiffon, Ankara, silk, georgette, brocade, cotton fabric, adire etc.

Here are pictures of women in iro and buba style with different designs of the buba top looking super stunning:












So you see, the  iro and buba style is no longer for just bride to be or married woman but for every stylish African woman and fashionistas. Even the kids are not left out because most cuties wear iro and buba on their first birthday anniversary to relate with their African roots.

Another advantage of the iro and buba style is that it can be easily sown by most tailors/ designers within a short duration . So if you need a quick fix  just get to your tailor and ask him/ her to make iro and buba for you.









TGIF everyone,

Hope we are all getting ready for the weekend? And its party season so we should be attending one or two parties before Monday.

In line with this, have got another information to share as per sourcing for quality fabrics like i promised to make available any time i discover one.
And this time around, i have got a vendor in lasgidi (Lagos, Nigeria). My first vendor here is based in Manchester and my second vendor here is located in Abuja. So now, i have a vendor with unique and quality fabrics in the center of excellence.

And as you know Lagos parties are haven of beautiful African fabrics, so if you plan shopping for unique fabrics for your next party or for personal use and you are in Lagos, KB FABRICS is the place to be.

Owned by two gorgeous women- Ms Abisola Olukoya and Ms Kemi Lumous, KB fabrics caters for all age groups and also for all occasions like weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies, burial ceremonies for aged ones.
They also have special aso-ebi packages which can be uniquely designed and customized to suit/ match your taste and occasions.

681207859627232694_1189319674 681208228272999870_1189319674 684743773301313269_1189319674 691953706883157192_1189319674

KB fabrics stock exotic lace fabrics like, Guipure lace, Organza lace, cord lace, Tulle lace, and Taffeta lace e.t.c.

They have beautiful colors and patterns of silk fabrics, chiffon fabrics, voile fabrics, embossed silk and cotton fabrics.

They also have polished cotton fabrics, 100% percent cotton fabrics and wool fabrics for men.

772473679723958180_1189319674 783208184667508689_1189319674 783305755519945912_1189319674 784682898724294481_1189319674 IMG-20140807-WA0001 IMG-20140807-WA0003 IMG-20140807-WA0005 IMG-20140807-WA0006 IMG-20140808-WA0002 IMG-20140815-WA0000 IMG-20140815-WA0001 IMG-20140815-WA0002 IMG-20140815-WA0003IMG_20140808_195336

So as you can see KB fabrics is the place to shop for all your family fabrics need.

Please do patronize them and get excellent services/value for your money.

Contact details for purchase and inquiries are as follows:

Phone: 08023138925, 07034118943
Address: D close, House 7 Tajudeen Olarenwaju housing estate, Yaba Lagos.
Twitter: @kb_fabrics
Instagram: @kbfabrics
BBM Channel: C004DDD6C






Thank God Its Friday people,

Most times I write about fabrics, colors, aso-ebi etc. but not much information about sourcing for fabrics.

This actually prompted me to start a category for vendors of fabrics on the blog here with the first vendor in the UK.

And now I present to you another fabulous vendor situated right here in Naija for us to check out her brand – FABRICS & BEYOND

Now that the weekend is here,and lots of people probably have plans to go shopping for fabrics without having a particular place in mind.

It’s a shop that stores exclusive and unique fabrics for everyone and also offer aso-ebi packages to brides and celebrants that want their guests to look stunning at their events.

Situated in the city of Abuja, Fabrics and beyond (check their page here) is the place to be for a satisfactory fabric shopping experience.



Fabrics & Beyond is a Fabric Showroom on a mission of adorning both His & Hers with beautiful fabrics. They delight in sourcing exclusive, breathtaking & glam fabrics that stands you out where ever you go, that’s why they are called “Your One Stop Fabric Shop”. They store fabrics from Lace to Silk, Brocade, Ankara, Cotton Fabrics, and also exclusive Vlisco Super Wax fabrics in beautiful colors at unbeatable prices

1-779876187054206324_1414217490 1-779878135014813102_1414217490






140807_052848[1]                            140803_043555[1]



1-781169597027380982_1414217490 1-781171825654034216_1414217490 1-782053993171316497_1414217490


So you see, if you are a fashion designer or you just need fabrics for personal use or for aso-ebi purpose then your fabric sourcing problems are over!

Their Showroom is located at Suite B4, Poly Plaza (beside AP plaza), Adetokunbo Ademola Crecent, Wuse 2 Abuja.

And other Contact details are as follows:

Bbm                7AE920FB

whatsapp      08180397454, 08175411519

Twitter          @fabricsnbeyond

Instagram   @fabricsnbeyond


Face book    @Fabrics & Beyond





Hello People,
Happy new week and i wish us all more of God’s blessing in this new week
I saw the pictures of Jude okoye’s wedding on Bella Naija and I was attracted to the guys’ aso-ebi in the post.
Remember I made a post last year on the aso-ebi of the guys at Peter and Lola Okoye’s wedding here.
The color theme for the male aso-ebi was white and blue.
The fabric is cotton fabric also known as Atiku material (white) adorned with a cobalt blue cap and a cobalt blue muffler on their necks which made all the guys look so on point.

See them showing so much swag in the following pictures:







Hello people, Early this year i promised to deliver better content and improve my posts on here and i think i have actually improved a bit.

In view of this, am introducing a new series called ‘the aso-ebi junkie wedding’, where i will feature a particular wedding and showcase the aso-ebi styles for that wedding to inspire in selecting appropriate aso-ebi color/theme for your owanbe(s).

So for this series i have partnered with excellent photographer Shola Bolaji you can check his blog  here  and Facebook page here to exhibit lovely weddings with excellent pictures that showcase the beauty of aso-ebi and it’s true essence.

And my first post in this series is actually a Muslim wedding/Nikkah ceremony between Hameedat and Jamiu in Lagos Nigeria. I love the pink and white aso-ebi theme used by both men and women at this party.

Here they used two different fabrics as aso-ebi. Pink lace and fuchsia pink gele for the ladies as well as white atiku material and pink fila for the guys. These colors/fabrics came out really nice on all the guests as they use it to make different designs and style in honor of the couple.


The fabulous couple


Hameedat and Jamiu in their traditional attire…


Friends in aso-ebi trying to capture fun moments


The guys looking fly in atiku fabric



ladies in pink lace and gele


Bride and her Bridesmaids in pretty pink lace fabric


Beautiful people




Happy guests



Digging it


photo credit:


Cheers, Modupe


Happy new week people,

There is a saying that ‘when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable’

You may be wondering how this relates to theasoebijunkie? This phrase came to my mind when I saw a post online, where someone wrote that —- ‘there is more to life than aso-ebi” and lots of comments followed this post as to how they are tired of the aso-ebi syndrome!

Some people mentioned that celebrants use aso-ebi to raise funds for their parties/events while others even made resolutions not to buy aso-ebi again or restrict themselves to a particular budget for aso-ebi within the year.

I actually felt bad after reading the post and the comments because aso-ebi is not meant to be a source of funds for your celebrations/occasions but it should be a unifying factor of your friends and family members as they come out to grace/honor you at your occasion.

Aso-ebi, which means family cloth in Yoruba language is being bastardized from the actual intent of the Yoruba culture which is to promote love and unity within the family.

Have heard people sell aso-ebi for ridiculous amount like N100, 000 (ahn! ahn! Kilode?) And some much more outrageous amount of which when their guests finally get the fabrics, the quality/value is nowhere near the amount they paid for it.

Aso- ebi is not meant to tear people’s pocket nor should it make them close their bank accounts.

So I will like us to break this myth that aso-ebi prices must be over the board before you can get good fabrics for your guests to attend your parties, which was what my new friend Bolatito (love her already) and I discussed this past week.

You can get quality aso-ebi for as low as N10, 000 or even less depending on your choice of fabric.Examples are: silk, chiffon, ankara,adire, guinea brocade for men and some lace fabrics.You can also make provision for your guest to buy in yards so that they can buy only the number of yards they need and not the whole 5/6yards. In the case of head-gears (gele), you don’t have to sell the whole pack, most people can not tie large/skyscraper gele. so you can cut one pack into two to reduce cost for your guests.

I urge us all to consider our friends and family member’s budget when choosing fabrics and do not let people cringe anymore when they hear the word –Asoebi.

Let the love and unity being displayed as they all wear one fabric to honor you be your ultimate goal.

I remember when my junior sister was getting married, my Late father (My Hero) actually paid for the aso-ebi of all his family members including extended family members. He gave it out to all of them for free because his delight was just to see everyone in that fabric.

So am encouraging us all not to abuse the aso-ebi tradition but try as much as possible to preserve the culture of bonding within the family as well as our friends while planning our events.