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Happy new week and i wish us all more of God’s blessing in this new week
I saw the pictures of Jude okoye’s wedding on Bella Naija and I was attracted to the guys’ aso-ebi in the post.
Remember I made a post last year on the aso-ebi of the guys at Peter and Lola Okoye’s wedding here.
The color theme for the male aso-ebi was white and blue.
The fabric is cotton fabric also known as Atiku material (white) adorned with a cobalt blue cap and a cobalt blue muffler on their necks which made all the guys look so on point.

See them showing so much swag in the following pictures:







Hello people, Early this year i promised to deliver better content and improve my posts on here and i think i have actually improved a bit.

In view of this, am introducing a new series called ‘the aso-ebi junkie wedding’, where i will feature a particular wedding and showcase the aso-ebi styles for that wedding to inspire in selecting appropriate aso-ebi color/theme for your owanbe(s).

So for this series i have partnered with excellent photographer Shola Bolaji you can check his blog  here  and Facebook page here to exhibit lovely weddings with excellent pictures that showcase the beauty of aso-ebi and it’s true essence.

And my first post in this series is actually a Muslim wedding/Nikkah ceremony between Hameedat and Jamiu in Lagos Nigeria. I love the pink and white aso-ebi theme used by both men and women at this party.

Here they used two different fabrics as aso-ebi. Pink lace and fuchsia pink gele for the ladies as well as white atiku material and pink fila for the guys. These colors/fabrics came out really nice on all the guests as they use it to make different designs and style in honor of the couple.


The fabulous couple


Hameedat and Jamiu in their traditional attire…


Friends in aso-ebi trying to capture fun moments


The guys looking fly in atiku fabric



ladies in pink lace and gele


Bride and her Bridesmaids in pretty pink lace fabric


Beautiful people




Happy guests



Digging it


photo credit:


Cheers, Modupe


Happy new week people,

There is a saying that ‘when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable’

You may be wondering how this relates to theasoebijunkie? This phrase came to my mind when I saw a post online, where someone wrote that —- ‘there is more to life than aso-ebi” and lots of comments followed this post as to how they are tired of the aso-ebi syndrome!

Some people mentioned that celebrants use aso-ebi to raise funds for their parties/events while others even made resolutions not to buy aso-ebi again or restrict themselves to a particular budget for aso-ebi within the year.

I actually felt bad after reading the post and the comments because aso-ebi is not meant to be a source of funds for your celebrations/occasions but it should be a unifying factor of your friends and family members as they come out to grace/honor you at your occasion.

Aso-ebi, which means family cloth in Yoruba language is being bastardized from the actual intent of the Yoruba culture which is to promote love and unity within the family.

Have heard people sell aso-ebi for ridiculous amount like N100, 000 (ahn! ahn! Kilode?) And some much more outrageous amount of which when their guests finally get the fabrics, the quality/value is nowhere near the amount they paid for it.

Aso- ebi is not meant to tear people’s pocket nor should it make them close their bank accounts.

So I will like us to break this myth that aso-ebi prices must be over the board before you can get good fabrics for your guests to attend your parties, which was what my new friend Bolatito (love her already) and I discussed this past week.

You can get quality aso-ebi for as low as N10, 000 or even less depending on your choice of fabric.Examples are: silk, chiffon, ankara,adire, guinea brocade for men and some lace fabrics.You can also make provision for your guest to buy in yards so that they can buy only the number of yards they need and not the whole 5/6yards. In the case of head-gears (gele), you don’t have to sell the whole pack, most people can not tie large/skyscraper gele. so you can cut one pack into two to reduce cost for your guests.

I urge us all to consider our friends and family member’s budget when choosing fabrics and do not let people cringe anymore when they hear the word –Asoebi.

Let the love and unity being displayed as they all wear one fabric to honor you be your ultimate goal.

I remember when my junior sister was getting married, my Late father (My Hero) actually paid for the aso-ebi of all his family members including extended family members. He gave it out to all of them for free because his delight was just to see everyone in that fabric.

So am encouraging us all not to abuse the aso-ebi tradition but try as much as possible to preserve the culture of bonding within the family as well as our friends while planning our events.








Hello lovelies, guess what? Our aso-ebi diva series is back and better.

And my post today will be about an amazing lady: Etiosa Ozigbo Esere

The first time i saw Etiosa was in 1999 during our diploma program in Unilag. She walked past me and i was like ‘ wow!  See oyinbo girl’

Etiosa’s skin is so smooth and flawless, she be original yellow pawpaw!  I tell you, you need to see her face to face to understand what am talking about.

Her eyes are super sexy and she’s got a gorgeous body.

I had to feature her on here as my aso-ebi diva for the month of June because she is so beautiful, and has a good sense of style especially when it comes to African fashion.

Her style expresses grace, elegance, class and sophistication in all ramifications.

This diva knows how to combine colors perfectly to match her skin tone   and also choose her accessories wisely from gold to handmade jewelry to beads and so on.

Her makeup is also always at top notch, Etiosa knows how to apply her make up to enhance her beauty and not the other way round.

Above all, this lady is a hardworking business woman and the beautiful brain behind   ‘sweet and spicy meals”

Sweet and spicy meals as the name implies offers good food at your doorstep and also offer catering services for corporate events and parties.

So for your weddings, birthday parties and corporate dinner, you can contact her for excellent catering services.

Now exhale and inhale as i present our super adorable aso -ebi diva for the month of June 2014:


eti 7

i love the gold and red combination. #fabulous


eti 1

she looks like a doll here! see those eyes……………



silver and green.


Too Gorg!


Beauty in burgundy

eti 2

All white combination. Her neck piece is slaying……


eti 3


And this is sweet and spicy offering dynamic services




*taking a bow*

You can share your thoughts about her style in our comments box.

Please watch out for our next diva in the month of July. Also if you would like to feature as our Aso-ebi diva or you know someone you want us to feature kindly contact us or send us a Facebook message.

P.S: A very big thank you to Etiosa for allowing us to feature her on here, keep on slaying stylishly babe!




I made a post on matching colors  some times last year, and that post has the highest comments/questions so far on this blog.

This has made me to discover that color mixtures /combination forms an integral part in event planning.

So i have decided to blog more on wedding color ideas in order to inspire you more in choosing colors plus combining them elegantly to achieve a super stylish look.

Hence, if you are a bride to be in 2014 or you know someone that is making plans for his/her wedding this year, then theasoebijunkie have got you covered for your BIG DAY.
Watch out for more  beautiful color combinations in this series………………………..


cream and army green



yellow and silver



orange and peach



pink and white



mint green and peach



fuschia pink and gold



green and brown



purple and gold






more of sanyan……..

My love for this Sanya aso -oke is ‘turning up’ day by day!

I saw some  pictures online and i just thought to share with my adorable readers to inspire you some more.

I need to get this aso-oke like yesterday *winks*









photo credit:





The aso-oke fabric is one fabric I really love, even though I do not have much of it because people rarely use it as aso-ebi. On the other hand it’s mostly worn by the celebrants especially for Yoruba traditional weddings by the bride and groom.

But now there is a new (well, not so new) aso-oke fabric trending now, it’s called the Sanyan aso-oke!


Sample of Sanyan aso-oke fabric

Sanyan is commonly used in Ondo state of Nigeria for cultural/traditional events, woven from the beige silk obtained locally from the cocoons of the Anaphe moth, forming a pale brown/beige cloth.

Nowadays, you can get Sanyan in not just brown but more fabulous colors like pink, coral, blue, teal and sometimes in a mixture of 2-3 colors.

This ancient fabric is a ‘stunner’ at the moment and can be used not just by the celebrants but also by the guests as aso-ebi for weddings, birthdays, child christening and all sorts of parties.
It’s absolutely beautiful, unique, gorgeous and a breath of fresh air!

Here are some pictures of gorgeous people in Sanyan:

download (1)

images (2)

images (1)

download (2)



Note: pictures are not mine





Hello everyone, my post today will be based on the Adire fabric.

Most times when we are out to pick asoebi, all kinds of fabrics come to our mind;Lace fabrics, Ankara fabrics, Velvet , Silk, Chiffon and probably Brocade for men,but there are lots of beautiful fabrics in the market that we need to explore, one of which is ADIRE!

Yes Adire , same old Adire ( you read right) although a lot of people see this fabric as ol’ skool it’s actually super cool. I have seen few people use it as ipele and gele at weddings and it was really nice on them

Adire is purely an African fabric and its a beautiful one especially when designed to suit the occasion its been used for. Adire actually means tie and dye, it is a resist dye (most times cotton)fabric traditionally with indigo in order to create patterns and designs by treating certain parts of the fabric in a way to prevent them from absorbing dye. it’s mostly used by the Yoruba.

There are different types of Adire:


I remember making my first Adire by myself in JSS 2 or JSS 3 at Holy Child College (up school) as a fine art student. We also made another one in clothing and textile class , I used Teru material think English name is Calico about a yard or two and it came out really nice.

Adire is available at most markets in Lagos but Abeokuta(Ogun State) is the haven of Adire,there they can make special designs for you in large quantity for aso-ebi and there are some beautiful ones from Mali that you can also get in the market. So , if you really want a unique fabric for your next owambe, you can choose Adire or Kampala as some others call it.

Its affordable, colorful,beautiful and would make your guest really  stand out.

Here are some beautiful Adire samples and beautiful people rocking this amazing fabric:











Oyinbo sef no wan carry






Happy new year once again, may the New Year open new opportunities to us all and give us cause to merry and party.
For me, 2013 has been a remarkable year and I have lots to thank God for and also for this blog, am more grateful to God, my followers, readers and people who have liked us on face book and followed us on twitter, thank you for each time I make a post and you take out time to read and comment.
The Aso-Ebi junkie is my own little to space where I share my views on Nigerian fabrics and the fashion industry as a whole.
This year, the Aso-Ebi junkie would be delivering a richer content and try to increase our number of posts (suggestions are welcome please)
We would continue with our Aso-Ebi diva series and make it much better.
Also am going to put up more ‘selfies’ i.e more pictures of myself in African fabrics and attires for parties and particularly Sundays because I mostly wear natives on Sundays.
Am also going to introduce how to use formal wears as Aso-Ebi and issue style tips on tying gele and types of accessories that can be used with a particular fabric etc
This year, we would also have lots of give aways and gifts for our readers on this blog as well as sales of fabrics would be on from time to time too.
If you sell fabrics or you are into designing; We would also like to feature your product by reviewing your products or shop.
That’s part of our plans for 2014; we hope to unfold more as the year goes by…

Thank you


The month of November is drawing close to its end and of course we will definitely not miss our monthly Aso-ebi diva series.
Today our Aso-ebi diva is a fabulous woman; Biodun Adebutu Dosunmu.
Biodun was my classmate at the University of Lagos and all through the time we were in class together all I can say about this diva is that she is intelligent, beautiful, kind-hearted, fabulous and a very smart lady.
I would also like to add that Biodun is a fashion designer and she had a fashion outfit somewhere in Surulere, Lagos when she was in Nigeria and she actually made a dress for me at that time that was well-tailored and really nice.
Abi( short form of Abiodun) has a great fashion sense and looks very trendy in our African fabrics, so I just had to feature her as an Aso-ebi diva here for you all.
Even though Biodun is now married and a mum to 4 boys, she still looks super sexy with a gorgeous body.
One thing that makes this diva stand out is that she knows how to combine colours as well as accessories to match her skin color very well.
So please join me *clapping* as I present to you our Aso-ebi diva for the month of November 2013; the beautiful, elegant, stylish and trendy Abioun Adebutu-Dosunmu


Purple ankara with red gele
I love her blouse and short skirt.
Lovely style and did you notice the simple accessories and her shoes……….


Abi and her friends in the Aso-ebi
They all look elegant and beautiful


White&Gold lace with gold accessories
she looks so radiant here


Abi and her friends again in the Aso-ebi


Abi looks really hot here with a lilac lace and purple Gele
Did you notice her accessories too, this diva is a show stopper!


Abi and her friends in the Aso-ebi
you can see how others also accessorize the same fabric.


i love this picture. Naija women are pretty


This picture also caught my attention
Am loving the Gold and red combo. Super Hawt is the word!


Too much! *dats all* lol


cream and blue lace with blue headgear


really nice combination


Gold and army green combination


Mint green and peach lace with peach gele


I just her style here, simply elegant


gele skentele………


she is so beautiful…………………….


I love her neck piece here

So that’s our African Queen as well as Aso- Ebi diva and junkie for the month of November.

*taking a bow*

You can share your thoughts about her style in our comments box.

Please watch out for our next diva for the month of December as we prepare for the yuletide season. Also if you would like to feature as our Aso-ebi diva or you know someone you want us to feature kindly contact us or send us a Facebook message.

P.S: A very big thank you to Biodun for allowing us to feature her and we encourage her to keep being stylish and elegant.