TGIF everyone,

Hope you have all saved the date for the textile fair! It’s the 6th of December at Our Place, 7a Olufunmilola Okikiolu Street off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos. Please come along with your friends and families, it’s going to be awesome!

Still in the preparation mode for the fair but i just want to share a color that really caught my attention for the 2014 brides.

Yes, 2014 is almost over but this color is so beautiful, elegant and alluring that I just have to share: GOLD

Before now I have written about different color combinations in the 2014 wedding colors series here,here,here and here.

For those who do not know, the 2014 wedding colors is a series that is dedicated to the 2014 brides-to be, who are still confused as to what color to wear on their traditional wedding day to help them in making a stylish decision.

So today am focusing on the ‘all gold combination’, it’s absolutely breathtaking!

Gold signifies extravagance, wealth, riches, luxury, excess, generous, compassion, love, power, justice and strength.

And this color is beautiful on all skin tones especially when it’s used in its totality without mixing it with any other colors as shown on the brides in the pictures below:











Do you agree that the gold color is breathtaking? Share your thoughts in the comments box and do have a splendid weekend.

Send me your aso-ebi or owambe pictures, if you want it to be share on theasoebijunkie.




Hello Everyone,

Hope y’all are having a fantastic week? For me its all about the Textile fair that is coming up real soon.

Its going to be explosive! Loads of beautiful and exquisite fabrics will be on display for sale and you will also have the chance to pick designers to design your fabrics. You can also get stunning ready to wear pieces from creative designers.

Also there will be sales of exquisite Aso-oke fabrics and colorful gele to match with your fabrics.

Free gele tying session from Ojulewa gele institute and lots of Entertainment for all.

Don’t forget that the first 50 shoppers will get free fabric goody bags, so endeavor to be at the venue on time so as not to miss the freebies.

There will be 3 luxury fabrics to be won in a raffle draw by shoppers also.
Date: 6th of December, 2014
Venue: 7a Olufunmilola Okikiolu street off Toyin street Ikeja,Lagos.

For more Info, please check the flyer below:





Please spread the news, tell everyone especially your friends and family members.
Also help share and repost on your social media platforms.
Can’t wait to meet you at the fair…..



It’s the 5th edition of the “Aso-ebi extravaganza” series where I showcase pictures of party guests in group displaying amazing color combinations of beautiful fabrics that can help you in making fast decision on the aso-ebi uniform to choose for your next event.

You can check former editions here, here, here and here and if you would like to be featured in the next aso-ebi extravaganza series, just send your group pictures in fabulous aso-ebi to theasoebijunkie@gmail.com .

Now lets the extravaganza begin *winks*
















Hello Everyone,

You all noticed have not been posting regularly on the blog these days? It’s all about the planning of Nigeria’s first ever textile fair tagged fabrics meets designers. The day is almost here (6.12.2014) and because this is the first one am organizing, it’s a bit stressful but God has been awesome and have connected theasoebijunkie to amazing people.

Did I tell you there’s going to be a raffle draw at the fair? Yes, apart from the free fabric goody bags to the first 50 shoppers, there is going to be a raffle draw to win amazing luxury fabrics given to us from our sponsors: NHN COUTURE, BOSCH&COKG and FASHIONSTARFABRICS!

So you can’t afford to miss the fair, Venue is Our Place, 7 olufunmilola okikiolu Street off Toyin street Ikeja Lagos from 10 am to 7pm . Tell your friends to tell another friend and also invite your family members and all fabric lovers. It’s a good time to also shop for new fabrics at affordable prices for the Christmas season.

Today’s post is based on a new series tagged “MEN IN NATIVE” which will focus on showcasing stylish African men in African fabrics/attires.

I have been doing a lot of post on women and their amazing styles in different fabrics and I have also done posts on male aso-ebi here and here where I focus on the aso-ebi for men at different weddings. But this post is to showcase the African men in different fabrics, colors and style to inspire other male folks that will like to step out stylishly on Fridays to work or on Sundays to church services or to the next owambe they intend to attend. 

Men also have variety of fabrics to choose from like brocade, cotton fabrics, wool, atiku material, polished lace etc.

Most African men tend to choose calm and neutral colors they do not like to play with bright colors like the ladies. Examples of colors that men tend to use to sew native wears include: white, cream, beige, grey, black, off-white, navy-blue, sky-blue etc

The men folk also accessorize with mufflers, different types of caps/hats, sunglasses, wristbands, exquisite rings, coralbeads etc.

Below are some handsome African dudes with so much Finesse looking very fresh, eye-catching and smart as they display the Nigerian/African culture in different fabrics:

IMG_0541[1] IMG_0519[1] IMG_0518[1] IMG_0540[1] IMG_0539[1] IMG_0538[1] IMG_0048[1] IMG_0397[1] IMG_0536[1] IMG_0533[1]




Last week, I made a post on the Gt Bank Lagos fashion and design week spotting DZYN COUTURE on Day Two.

I continued following events to the last day and it was like they saved the best for the grand finale!

So many awesome designs on the runway on Day 4 which I will make more posts on but for today’s post am focusing on one Designer that really swept me off my feet- LDA( Lanre Dasilva AJayi)

She did an awesome job with her designs, it’s a celebration of African prints in a sophisticated way.

She said she got inspiration from a city in Nigeria called “Abeokuta” which means under the rock and you can see the reflection on the fabrics she used in her collection.

I love her colors, I Love the fabrics (lace, silk, Ankara silk, Satin), the cuts, the designs and above all I love the prints!

Now enjoy the awesomeness of some of the pictures from the runway:

 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014002 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014003 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014004 (1) GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014005 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014006 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014007 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014008 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014009 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014010 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014001 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014030 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014031 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014032 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014033 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014034 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014035 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014036GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014024 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014025 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014026 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014027 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014028 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014029GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014014

GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014011 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014012 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014013  GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014015 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014016 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014017 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014018 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014019 GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014022GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014021GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014020GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-Lanre-Da-Silva-Ajayi-Bellanaija-November2014019

Do you agree with me that are designs are breathtaking? Share your views in the comment section please.

Do have a great weekend


GTBank Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2014 started on the 29th of October and will be on till the 1st of November 2014.

I am not in Lagos currently, so I couldn’t make it to the event but I have been following all the details and happenings at the event online since Day One.

So I was checking out the pictures of designers on the runway on Day Two and one Designer’s pieces caught my attention- DZYN!

I have been following her (Ogwa) brand on Instagram and I put up her designs on my page but she totally blew me up with her designs at LFDW!

From her choice of fabrics, to color selection, the way she mixed those fabrics together to the way they fit like gloves on each model’s body!

I was like OMG!  She killed it!

Her designs are my best designs so far, you could see display of creativity, originality and you can feel that she has the African woman in mind while creating them.

She used different fabric for each and also mixed the fabrics together to make some.

Fabrics include: Raw silk, Jersey, Satin, lace, tulle.

Then the colors:  Peach, Beige, Orange, Blue and gold (Classic)

I also love the trimmings, stones, unique patches! Everything on-point!

You need to see these for yourselves below:



GTBank-Lagos-Fashion-Design-Week-2014-DZYN-Bellanaija-October2014004 (1)







My Favourite










And Now the Brain behind the designs, Ogwa herself:


Thumbs up Ogwa! More grace!

What do you like about her designs and which is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments box

Do have a great weekend ahead!




Hello Everyone,

The month of October is almost over but you know I won’t let it end without the monthly aso-ebi diva series.

Our Aso-ebi diva this month is a beautiful mum of 3 with a large heart and has great flair for African fabrics which is why I chose to feature for all to see and get inspired stylishly.

Tttfashionfreak is an amazing lady I got to know through Instagram just like the September Aso-ebi diva here with a very unique sense of style. I love the way she exudes so much confidence which is the best accessory to every woman’s style. She is a fabric merchant with lots of exclusive and beautiful fabrics in her fabric outlet at Ikota shopping complex Lagos.

From her choice of fabrics to accessories, make-up to the way she ties her gele so elegantly, you will agree with me that this diva is a show stopper!


Her real name is Mrs Aramide Oladoyin, she culled out Tttfashionfreak from her beautiful daughters names- Temiloluwa, Tantoluwa and Tijesunimi.

A graduate of computer science from Ogun state university, but found her way into fashion because fashion reflects her attitude, interest and personality.
She says: ‘I was actually trained by my mum, my fashion was inbuilt, it is not a copied thing, I love fashion from childhood, it is not about the money, many people are doing business based on money, yes money is good but I have passion for it.


One striking thing about her style is that she knows how to mix/ combine colors very well to suit her skin tone.

But more importantly she is lover of the color RED, you can testify to that in most of her pictures!

When asked about secret to her success in fabrics business: ‘My secret to success is ” just be yourself ” and keep on fighting for what u can, am big and I’ve confidence in everything I do, I love my kids, I cherish them a lot, they are very close to my heart, am a lover woman, I love my husband so much and madly in love with him’



To her fans/customers she says: I appreciate you all! Without you, there is no Tttfashion freak.

Check out more amazing pictures of “ARA SHOW':






* Taking a bow yet again *

Hope her style has inspired you? let me know how you feel  about her sense of style in the comments box Also if you would like to feature as our Aso-ebi diva or you know someone you want us to feature, kindly contact us :theasoebijunkie@gmail.com or send us a Facebook message.

I will like to say a very big thank you to Ttt fashionfreak for allowing us feature her in this edition.

Keep being real, keep being stylish